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    Anyone own a Golden Retriever? If so what do you feed yours? My Golden Retriever Angel is 8 years old and has these problems;
    *dry skin
    *itchy skin
    *red skin
    *weak hip and joints (she is on cohesion for this)
    *sometimes over weight
    *eats very fast
    She is on Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior along with other small bags of stuff mixed in. She has only had chicken her entire life and as a younger puppy/adult was on;
    *Eukanuba Puppy
    *Purina Pro Plan Puppy
    *Purina One Adult
    *Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Adult
    *Royal Canine Golden Retriever
    *Blue Buffalo Large Breed Senior
    *Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior
    None of these I was happy with and none of them did the trick except for Royal Canine (kinda). What can you suggest? I’m open to ANY suggestions, including all life stages dog food. My only thing is that I need it to be inexpensive, not cheap but not like $80 for a 24lb bag.

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    Wasn’t your forum rage yesterday about how terrible als food was?

    I had goldens for years, tue issues you’re having are common. The foods you fed aren’t great, but I’m not having a discussion with you about it until you can prove to be a regular adult human being

    refer to the age/kibble and adult maintenance vs puppy threads, and you will see that Tina is very likely a troll

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    I’m sorry for my posts last night.
    I’m a 26 year old married women who lives with her parents because I can’t afford to move out. My mom is anti-natural dog food and doesn’t believe that it can help with any of the dogs problems at all. I had 2 of my dogs die of cancer in the past and all of my dogs have skin issues. My cats are overweight, unhealthy and are very picky.
    I’ve gone and researched my butt off from books to the internet and even going to pet stores and reading the labels of each and every dog food out there. When it came to All Life Stages dog food I found lots of research and most of the answers came out to be both good and bad. My mom says to “ask the vet” he has all the answers but my vet is very old fashioned and when I asked him he said the “all life stages dog food is bad for dogs and will end up killing dogs and even cats.” So I got really scared and after loosing 2 dogs 2 cancer I wanted no part of it and would do my best to get people off All Life Stages dog food. Working at Petco for 3 years helped as well because you found out about the truth of these dog food companies and pet stores. They sell you anything that is on sale or has a deal with that company. While working there I would convince people to change their dogs all life stage dog food for something else and it worked. Please help me and tell me the truth of dog food.

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    and I’m not a troll, I’m just confused like the rest of the world. I ask people all the time “hey what do you feed your dog” and they reply with something low quality. I’ve saw a lady with a 21 year old Golden Retriever Mix and she had a beautiful coat. She had her dog on Pedigree her entire life so what am I supposed to think. My neighbor has 3 dogs on Taste of the Wild and they all look skinny, bad coats and just plain awful. He’s had them on that their entire life and he even cooks for them. He goes to the store and buys real fruit and veggies and meat and cooks for them. So I am really confused, why does a low quality dog food give a beautiful look to on dog but a high quality dog food along with real fruit, veggies and meat give an awful appearance to another dog?

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    Rosemary h

    I have a 4 year old golden and feed him Fromms game recipe…today I’m going to get a bag of the new Fromms Lamb and lentil….I keep him off chicken…

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    After working at Petco for 3 years, I thought I knew everything that there is to know about dog food. I could sell the most expencive dog food in the store to a costumer with a very low income. People listened to me and believed everything that I said and the Petco that I worked at was proud of me.

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