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    jakes mom

    Anyone have any experience or opinions on that cat litter disposal gadget called the Genie? You scoop and put clumps into the Genie, turn the top and it’s supposed to seal everything in a plastic bag, no mess or odors. I know someone who’s considering it for their RV and wondering if it works.

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    I haven’t used the Cat Genie, but I have tried the Diaper Genie (which works the same way) for my son’s dirty diapers. The whole nursery wreaked of poop. So I threw it away, and put his dirty diapers in the trash outside. Problem solved. 😀

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    I bought a Litter Locker II: http://www.litterlocker.us/

    You open a door on top, make your deposit, close the door on top and pull out a spring loaded trap door, which then moved your deposit, past the trap door into a bag below. It’s meant to be used for cat litter, but for one small dog, it worked great!

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    I also use the litter locker for my one cat. Her litter box is actually in our family room, where we watch TV, in a cat cage….don’t ask, lol….we needed this arrangement for Desi, who was cat aggressive and even though he’s at the bridge we are still doing it. I scoop her box every morning. I use World’s Best, but sometimes I will use Blue’s new litter if I have a coupon. I put the clumps in the litter locker and it holds the smell in quite well. My cat doesn’ t have a lot of smell to her output, though….I think feeding good food helps. When the bag is full, I change it out. Works great! I used to flush her clumps when her box was in a bathroom in the basement but now that she can live with us like one of the dogs it’s not near a bathroom. Sorry for rambling….I think this would be a great idea for someone in an RV as long as they can buy, or stock up on, the refills when they’re on the road.

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    Why not just use the scented doggie bags to scoop into, and then put them into a plastic bag? I guess I just don’t get wanting to keep animal feces in the house or rv for any longer than the 30 seconds to clean it up.

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    I agree, Melissa. I scoop my 6 litter boxes (ugh :-/) every couple days and seal it up and take to the outside garbage ASAP! I don’t want it sitting in the house. Lol!
    I guess, however, if you live in an apartment or RV, that wouldn’t be possible. This device would “lock” in the odors until you could get rid of it outside your living quarters.

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    Melissaandcrew, I feel exactly the same way. I think it’s so gross to store used cat litter (or diapers) in the house. STINKY Blah! I don’t care where you live, everyone has an outside garbage can or dumpster. If you can’t smell it maybe you’ve gone nose blind! LOL 😀

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    jakes mom

    Thanks for the input, everyone, I’ll pass it on.

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