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    amy r

    All fromm gold has changed its recipe it has not changed its bag. The new recipe started to be sold in July 2018. They have almost eliminated duck which was the first main ingredient is now so far down the list it’s not even counted as a protein. They added more grain as well

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    Patricia A

    . I now only give kibble to my 16 year old who will only eat as a topper Holistic Health Extensions but it’s only says supplemental on the can. In between she and my other two get boiled chicken, salmon lean steak etc. So I have to give some kibble and has been getting Fromm for years. Switched to Fromm Grain Free Four Star years ago and rotated the proteins but mostly kept to Salmon A la Veg because of small kibble size. But because of FDA report went back to grain inclusive . Got samples of the small breed gold which she ate. After reading what you posted I’m glad my Pet Supply store was out of the gold. Ended up getting what i fed years ago being the grain inclusive Salmon A La VEg. My other two eats rotation of primal freeze dried proteins, Stella’s freeze dried and Bixbi Rawbbles. Wish my 16 year old would eat the raw so I wouldn’t worry so much about this stupid FDA report. At least I HOPE i’m doing the right thing by feeding the raw in these brands.

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    Therese M

    Do you know if the price changed? I’m assuming not. I don’t mind grains but I don’t like paying the same for more grains, since they’re practically free compared to proteins.

    I’m considering switching my dogs to Fromms Gold. One doesn’t do well with grain free AT ALL, but does okay with potatoes. The other one is a new guy and he has to have grains. The vet recommended Pro Plan but I think that’s still too rich for him. My first dog did fine on Gold a few months ago- not sure why we switched honestly.

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    Grain fee foods for the most part are using lentils and potatoes because they are cheap and contain protein. They can up their protein percentage by using these cheap proteins. I don’t think quality grains are any cheaper than lentils and potatoes.

    Fromm is dropping duck or lowering it in the ingredient list due to availability issues. So, that is what they told me anyway. I wouldn’t think that should up the price! (Hopefully not)

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    joanne l

    Just to let some people know that I have a few people that own GSD’s and since they changed the recipe with Fromm their dogs are not doing good, they are getting loose stools and some vomiting. I don’t use it anymore but this is what they were saying about it. I think there is another page for Fromm about issues with their food on here.

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