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    Hello my fellow dog nerds,
    Just wondering if there’s anybody else out there who uses organic grain, potato and starch free baby foods in their dogs meals? I’ve been doing it for years as the pureed form seems to sit well with my girl. Just curious if anyone else does this and what your experience with it may be- thanks!

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    Lynn S

    I use frozen broccoli, squash and frozen fruit that are dog safe. I also boil the eggs and use a potato smasher to mash up the eggs and shells both. I have to make dog food since one of heelers can not have carbs nor starch do to yeast overgrowth in her system.

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    Gary W

    The diet of all dogs should contain about 25 percent veggies, 25 percent bone and 50 percent meat (and five percent is varied organ meat.)

    This doesn’t mean you have to give the same amount of vegetables every day. Let’s say it should be 25 percent over a longer period of time. One day less, one day more, it doesn’t really matter. I usually feed about the same amount that I add to ground or chunky meat. With a bone-based meal, I give no veggies.

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    Claire H

    “25 percent veggies, 25 percent bone and 50 percent meat..” I totally agreed with the Gary statement, but my personal opinion always think about, other than meat (the nature of dog food and also might be considered as omnivores as well), veggies and fruit must be included into some treats for the dog.

    But in the end, it is your dog and you knew better about their diets, but personally I also love to make a treat that might end up I also eat that, especially when it is related to the banana, I love banana and the dog sometimes will eat everything that their owner give it to them.

    So instead of I eat it myself, that kind of biscuit could be a treat to a dog as well, here are some recipes that I like. https://petcomments.com/can-dogs-eat-bananas/

    And thanks Lynn and Coonhound Mama, I might try that ingredient to make the homemade dog food.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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