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    Tiffany K

    What are thoughts on proportionate sized frozen raw chicken legs and thighs? Just plain and given frozen?

    I have done this with success after doing a lot of research. I feed them in the fenced in back yard so they are not smearing chicken bacteria all over the house (they would head straight to my bed) and monitor everyone (4 dogs). I check their stool, no problems and it really knocks off any tarter and plaque. Most importantly, they love them. It is a HIGH value treat to them.

    Am I playing with fire? They are so many conflicting accounts of feeding raw that I can’t find the thread of truth.

    Another treat I am using more and more are human grade low sugar peanut butter granola bars. Again, broken in half for the little guys. But I am skeptical about all dog “treats” at this point. I am going to real food every time.

    My Shih Tzu has been “tricked” to believe that a carrot is the height of dining, as I have given him lots of fruit and veg since he was a puppy. I am skeptical about all dog “treats” at this point. I am going to give them whole, human grade food every chance I get.

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    What do you feed them regularly? Kibble? Homemade? If you’re currently feeding them a balanced diet, then you can give raw meaty bones (RMB) or other unbalanced food for no more than 20% of their diet and not have to worry about balancing the diet out. If you feed twice a day then you can give 2.8 meals as unbalanced such as the chicken legs and thighs. Of course that depends on the size of your dog whether or not a drumstick or thigh is enough for one meal. I do feed raw bones thawed though.

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