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    I have competitive Aussies and to keep their coat full and their energy high they need a high fat food with preferably 20% fat . I have fed both Dr. Tims 30/20 and Annamaet 32/20 but both these formulas have brown rice in them. Both formulas get 85-86% of their protein from meat sources vs plant sources. I cant seem to find food with 20% fat content that is grain free….
    Part of me thinks grain free is a bit of a marketing scheme especially if the food is high in meat based protein/fat.
    I worry a little about arsenic levels in brown rice. Thoughts on this?
    Another one I haven’t tried is Victors high pro plus. No brown rice but not grain free. I like Annamaet for the small business and great customer service better.

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    Hi there’s heaps of kibbles around 20% fat, when you see 18% min fat the max fat % can be up to 5% more fat, email the kibble companies & ask what is the fat max % in the formula you like..
    *”Canidae” – Pure Elements-18%min fat, Pure Sea-18% min fat….Protein is 32%min in both formulas..

    *”Taste Of The Wild”- High Prairie formula-18%min fat, Wetlands formula-18%min fat, Protein is 32%min in both formulas..

    * “Sport Dog Elite” – Active Working Dog/Puppy formula-30/18, so email Sport dog & you find the fat is probably 20%-fat.

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    Thanks Susan. I probably cant get myself to touch anything food that is associated with Diamond Pet Foods.
    I will take a look at “Sprort Dog Elite”.

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