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    adrienne d

    Hello there,

    My dog, Governor, is a 28 lb beagle/doxie/mutt of love and although we’ve had him for 2 years, we still can’t seem to figure out what food works best for him. He originally was on a lamb and rice based food, and that didn’t go well as he was getting rashes. Then we switched him to Natural Balance Venison based on vet recommendation and although his poop was firmer, it also left him itchy. The common culprit seemed to be sweet potatoes, but we can’t be positive.

    He has been on Orijen Six Fish since last October, and although it started out wonderfully, I don’t think he’s had solid poop for a couple months now and it goes from softer stool to actual diarrhea. We took him into the vet at some point during this and had his stool analyzed and there were no parasites, so it appears to be back to food. At that point, we had him on chicken and rice for a few weeks, but he was really constipated and pooping less than normal. In addition, we have added pumpkin to his food and that temporarily helped, but not for long.

    I suppose I’m wondering if his food is too high in protein? Or if there are any suggestions on what food we might try next so we can start his slow transition?

    Thank you all for your wisdom!

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    Maybe look at Nature’s Variety Instinct, especially their limited ingredient line. Or you could look into the Honest Kitchen’s supplement called Prefect Form. It has ingredients to help with digestive issues and help calm the gut.

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    adrienne d

    Thanks, theBCnut! I’ll definitely look at those compared to what he’s currently on.

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    Kristin C

    Hi Adrienne – my 1 year old was having issues with kibble earlier this year, vomiting and diarrhea. The only thing that really helped was feeding her raw, single source protein. I started with chicken and moved to beef. She eats duck and turkey too and I through in some novelty meats every other weak. Have you tried green tripe? It’s supposed to be good for digestion. I feed it as a treat (freeze dried) or I have some ground up that I mix with yogurt and freeze in a treat thingy. My dog’s do fine on Nature’s Variety but it is expensive.

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    In some states you can’t get/order Perfect Form so try Firm Up. Also Nutrisource Grain Free Lamb or Heartland Select and Seafood Select are lower in protein 25%-28% with moderate fiber. It’s been my transitional food for my foster pugs. I’ve actually got Sammy Snacks grain free lamb and Zignature lamb mixed in their diet now too.

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    Hi Adrienne, have you ever tried an elimination diet to see what foods make him itch & make his poo sloppy, My Patch has IBD & itchy skin allergies, I’ve read that the 2 come together with some dogs, something they eat irratates their skin & stomach, then they have sloppy poos or diarrha.. Im awful at explaining why & how things happen, I started Patch on an elimination diet & I found he can’t eat potatos, sweet potatos & now I think chicken, cause after he eats chicken he gets hive like lumps all over his body especially the white fur/skin part….Patch cant have a high fat% or high protein% diet, I did my elmination diet for breakfast cause I knew his Vet prescription Eukanuba Intestinal worked for him & never gave him diarrhea or itchy ears & skin..
    So I give the Eukanuba Intestinal for dinner…
    breakfast I started with boiled chicken breast & 1 tablespoon of pumkin to much pumkin made his poo very soft & sloppy, then the next week around 5days if everything is good I added boiled sweet potato within 1-2 days, 1 of his ears started itching so I stopped the sweet potato & just gave him the chicken & pumkin again he went good again, then after 2 days no itchy ear when everything was good again I added potato with the chicken & pumkin within 20min he got a rash all over his stomach & chest I thought we must of walked near a plant or bush, something that morning so next morning I added a bit of boiled potato again he started scratching & the rash came up again then that night he was pooing real sloopy then had very sloppy poos the next day I stopped the potato, then I tried boiled egg he was ok with egg…
    just keep adding foods that you want him to eat or what foods are in kibbles to see what makes him itch & poo sloppy, you see within 2days when a food doesnt agree with them..

    I have Patch on the Wellness Simple Limited ingredients Lamb & Oatmeal as the lamb & oatmeal is the only one without potato, he has the Wellness simple for breakfast & the Eukanuba Intestinal for dinner & at lunch he has Tuna Pumkin white rice & a few peas he’s
    not pooing sloppy or diarrha & he’s not scratching on the Wellness Simple here’s a link to have a look at their range the Simple is down the bottom, but out of all the kibbles that I tried the Wellness simple has been the best kibble so far & his poos are the best that they have ever been…..write everything down in a diary

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