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    Fran H

    Have a Pomeranian who is currently eating Stella Chewy raw freeze dried chicken patties. She loves it but she has loose stools. Any recommendations on a high quality food that isn’t dry that would help with this?

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    Angela S

    someone on this forum told me to try upping fiber in my dog’s diet. my dog was having the same issue-she wasn’t having diarrhea. Her poop had shape to it, but it was too soft, would stick to the grass and it was difficult to pick up. i switched to a food with 6% fiber. she has been eating american journey salmon and brown rice. she’s only been on it for a month or less. her poop seems to be firm now most of the time. of course, now i’m wondering if i chose the right thing, because one of the main ingredients is peas, and i’m worried about what peas can do, as I’ve been reading there is a possible connection between peas in the diet and heart issue. i’m upset that there are so many controversial ingredients and no one can agree on what a good food is. it makes you wonder what is really good for our dogs??

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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