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    Martha O

    What food is recommended for a dog who scratches constantly

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    Have you tried adding salmon oil to your dogs diet?

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    It depends. Does your dog have food allergies or is it environmental or both? Notice any fleas?

    Not all dogs have the same allergies, so we can’t recommend without knowing more information.

    What is your dog currently eating? Has the itching always been an issue or is this something that has cropped up lately?

    I will tell you that I have an Ambull which I thought originally had food allergies so we went raw for two years. He was still so very very itchy due to environmental alleriges. He does best kept inside with the A/C to keep the pollens and dusts out. Thankfully I’ve kept it under control by weekly baths and if we’ve had a day of hard play I rinse him with the hose in between baths.

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    It’ll tell you everything. In the meantime, switch immediately to a limited ingredient food and monitor. It’s agony to itch 24/7.

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    Hi Martha-

    No there is no one recommended food for a dog that scratches. Mainly because the reasons for the scratching are different with each dog and some have nothing to do with food at all. You may want to discuss the scratching with your vet and talk about determining what the cause is. I would personally be weary of mail in hair and saliva tests for food allergies. They are notoriously inaccurate.

    Also wanted to note that it seems that the Glacier Peak test is still unavailable for resale. Been like this for a few months now I believe.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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