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    Brady G

    Hello, DFA.
    Long time creeper, first time poster.
    My husband and I have 3 Pomeranians. Two of them just turned 1 and the other is about 5 months old.

    Recently I decided to buy some “expensive” dog food and I chose Blue buffalo red meat for small breeds. They loved it and all was going well until our smallest (Boo) started having dry poop in his bottom EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It didn’t register with us that it was the food until our other Pomeranian had poop sticking out of his bottom as well (Bear).

    Anywho, I was curious if you could give me other dog foods that you think would give them the ability to poop without it getting stuck because all they do all day is drag their a$$es and I can’t handle it anymore.

    We free feed because we aren’t home often and each dog likes to eat at separate times but I am attributing the hard poop to the amount of protein in the food.. they were on kibbles and bits (I know, gross, don’t shoot) just because I was being cheap but would like to stick with the healthiest option now..

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Have you been to the vet? Their anal glands may be impacted. So, I would start there.
    Then I would stop free feeding, feed them twice a day at the same times, separate dishes and put space between them. If they don’t eat the food within 10 minutes, pick up and store in the fridg, offer at the next mealtime. It’s okay if they skip a meal now and then.

    Add a little water (1/4 cup) to their meals and always have fresh water available.
    If you are away a lot you have no way of knowing which ones are eating and drinking.
    They will look forward to meals if no food has been available for a few hours and enjoy it more, that is what I have observed in my experience.

    Adding water to the new food you’ve chosen, and most important, a vet visit to get their anal glands expressed should solve the problem (imo).
    How about adding a topper to the kibble, a little scrambled egg or something?
    Also, an increase in activity may help, a few brisk walks a few times a day will help them with elimination.

    If you decide to try a different food, my dogs do well on Nutrisca salmon and chickpea as a base.

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    From a previous post of mine per the search engine here:
    Excerpts (out of context) from article below: https://www.vetsecure.com/veterinarymedicalclinic.com/articles/136
    Anal sacs are the reservoirs for the secretions of anal glands which are located on either side of a dog’s anus, at approximately four and eight o’clock. These sacs contain liquid secretions from the anal gland, which, in healthy animals, are normally pale yellow-brown to grayish in color. The contents are usually emptied during normal bowel movements, or when a dog is nervous or scared. In most animals, these sacs empty easily. However, some dogs, especially small breed dogs, are not able to empty the sacs properly and become susceptible to anal sac disease.
    Transmission or Cause:
    The cause of anal sac disease is unknown. Smaller dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas and poodles, are most often affected. Excessive anal gland production, soft feces or diarrhea, poor muscle tone, and obesity also contribute to higher risk of developing anal sac disease. Anal sac abscess tends to occur after an impacted anal gland has become so severely swollen and infected that the anal sac forms an abscess and ruptures.
    Expression of the anal sacs every few weeks or months often will help prevent anal gland fluid from accumulating and becoming thickened again. High fiber diets have been shown to help prevent anal sac disease in at-risk dogs, especially those that are obese.

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    Hi, Brady, we learn as we go along & your doing your best, have a look at “Wellness” & “Holistic Select” range, the Wellness has their Small breed formulas & Toy breed formulas wet & dry…. Holistic Select also has the small breed formulas wet & dry well…
    Wellness- http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/dog-wellness.aspx
    Holistic Select- http://www.holisticselect.com/

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