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    Elisha Z

    I have two fairly young adult dogs, one a Poodle mix, the other a Papillon. They are fairly picky eaters and so far dry foods have not been their choice. Currently I feed them Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Market Meal Blends Dog Food – Grain Free, Freeze Dried, Chicken and they “sometimes” eat it. I also alternate by feeding them Natural Balance chicken or Duck (and I add fresh carrots, etc.). My problem is there are days they will not eat no matter what I do. I am aware that dogs are led by their nose to some extent so if it smells good they usually will eat it however I want to ensure it is healthy. Noticing they will not eat dry food, has anyone had any experience feeding dry food that their dogs actually enjoy? Usually there is no smell to them and so I already know my dogs won’t eat it. Since I prefer a dry food, any recommendations?

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    Zignature Zssentials. I split the large 27 lb bag into seven air tight canisters (by Click Clack) for maximum freshness.

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    Andy B

    ok elisha…here’s what i do for my 3 adult dogs each weighing around 12 cup each in a mixing bowl: only natural pet raw freeze dried beef/sweet potato, zignature essentials grain free chicken/?, royal canin prescription renal support (kidney issues, so this is optional), bil-jac grain free kibble, and 1 can of wellness core grain free..add water to the freezed dried first before adding the rest..then add water to make it reasonably moist but not wet so they still have some crunch..the royal canin and zignature don’t absorb water very well, so it has some body to it..also, the bil-jac will turn to mush so if you want to add that at feeding time, that’s what i do…just give them about a tablespoon or so on the mixed food and then stir it in…i came up with this recipe experimenting with tasty but healthy foods just to get them to eat the royal canin.. this is the first time they chow it completely..well, one of them leaves the cranberries on the lasts 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator..this is their dinner only..their breakfast is about 1/4 cup of my cooked chicken and one milkbone tasty snack biscuit (junk, but they are eating a lot healthier than i do)..

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    Elisha Z

    Thank you for the suggestions. I will see what happens. By the way, I failed to mention, they LOVE treats. I usually give them True Chews Premium Grillers (Chicken). Smells good to me but I wont try it. Thanks again!

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    Jackie B

    Hi Elisha, the Rotation Diet article is worth reading. Changing foods, or even mixing in a little canned food, can be helpful. You can also try offering food twice a day for only 30 minutes at a time instead of leaving the bowl full all day. /frequently-asked-questions/diet-rotation-for-dogs/

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