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    Alissa D

    We’ve always had trouble finding a food my Yorkie will eat. She’s extremely picky and won’t eat for a day or more if it’s not something she likes. We just got the results of her allergy tests back and along with numerous environmental allergies she’s allergic to milk, chicken, beef, barley, flax, lamb, soy, venison, and peas. I’ve been to every pet store in the city and haven’t found a single dry food. She refuses to eat any wet dog foods except for a few of the cheap ones she can’t have anymore. The vet wasn’t helpful at all with finding something. For now we’re cooking her ground turkey, pork roast, sweet potatoes, and eggs because it’s all she’ll eat. We’re looking for dry food so it can sit there without spoiling until she’s hungry enough to eat it. So far I’ve only found two kinds of food online that she can have, Canine Caviar duck and chick pea and Taste of the Wild smoked salmon.

    Does anyone happen to know of any foods she can eat or might even like? I ordered the Canine Caviar one since she doesn’t like fish but she probably won’t eat it. Smaller kibbles that aren’t rock hard would be good too since a bunch of her teeth never grew in and she has a hard time chewing. Smaller bags that we can freeze would be helpful because she’s allergic to storage mites as well. Thanks for your help!

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    Gina N

    Hi There ,

    My guy has lots of allergies, the one thing he did kind of well on was natures variety lid lamb. I know lamb isn’t an option for you but check to see if they have a rabbit( hypoallergenic meat) as an option. the kibble was small enough for my guy ( 10lb yorkiepoo ) I hope this helps 🙂 One more tidbit, I’ve been told to use canned ,at one point , because of gus’ mold mite allergy. Maybe a canned is a better option for you?

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    Alissa D

    Thanks for getting back to me!
    Unfortunately she can’t have any of the nature’s variety. I’ll see if she’ll eat canned again though. We’ve tried a few of the logs of wet food that she can have and she hated it so much she dumped the bowl over and covered it up with a towel to hide it. The vet called back and said he found one canned food made from kangaroo she can have so hopefully she’ll eat it. Would it be ok to portion the kibble out into small freezer bags and keep it all frozen until we need it or could the storage mites still live in it?

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    Honestly, I’d think that home made would be best for everyone. You could customize her diet more easily, and home made is much better in general – raw is best, too. There are many premixes out there. The Honest Kitchen is a favorite. Sojos and See Spot Live Longer are dehydrated foods that you add your own meat to, so you could buy a protein source she isn’t allergic to. Sojos isn’t the most complete, so it would be best if rotated out with at least one other.

    If you do find a dry food that works, you can always soak it or mix it with a super wet canned food to make it easier to chew. I’d be a little nervous about having only rabbit as a protein source in dry food, as rabbit has zero animal fat (or possibly there’s chicken fat in the ingredient list as well, I haven’t seen it), and I believe that dogs need an amount of animal fat in their diets.

    I still think that something home made is definitely best 🙂

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    Bette W

    Addiction Pet Foods have several hypo-allergenic dehydrated foods that have none of the ingredients that your dog is allergic to (kangaroo or brushtail are two). You have to add water to hydrate them, but they are very palatable, and your dog should have no problem chewing the food.

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    jim b

    I have a Shih Tzu with allergies to chicken, potatoes and peas. The only dry food I have found is Primal Freeze Dried Duck Formula. Just started so not sure if will help. It’s a minor hassle to rehydrate and would prefer to find a dry kibble alternative if anyone has a suggestion.

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    The best dog food and treats come from Dogs For The Earth. It’s 100% organic and dehydrated. Our whole neighborhood uses it now. Everybody talks about how good their dogs do on this food. If you go to their web site http://www.dogsfortheearth.com you can read about every single ingredient in the food and the company is owned by an animal scientist / nutritionist. I can’t tell you the amazing difference this food has made to so many dogs around here. They ship it to you and you can have a standard order. Ours comes every 2 weeks. Try it – your problems will be over.

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    I forgot to mention if your dog suffers from allergies – make sure you do not use a kibble as the process of making kibble can cause allergies to get worse. Use a natural food and organic without any processing. So frozen or dehydrated is best and you’ll see a big difference. We use Dogs For The Earth dehydrated food – it solved all our problems in a week!

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    Sallynova, are you accidentally reporting your own posts? All 3 of your posts say that they’ve been reported for inappropriate content.

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