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    I’ve had Ella on a raw diet, using Primal raw patties. The cost is pretty high, about $6/pound, so I supplement with raw meats (chicken pieces with bones, beef, pork, etc.) as well as cooked veggies, like squash, green beans etc.

    It occurs to me that I should be able to skip the expensive raw patties and go entirely with human grade meat. Chicken legs are 77cents per pound, I can get scraps of high quality pork chops, both boneless and with bone in, for $1.47 per pound, beef livers are $2 per pound, beef ribs $2.47. So I can give her excellent meat, rather than the ground up, frozen patties.

    I live on meat and veggies. IS there any reason a mutt can’t? We’re spending more on the dog to eat than we are on ourselves.

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    Of course, I would also continue the veggies, to get other nutrients.

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    Ensuring that you’re feeding a balanced homemade raw diet is critical. The commercial frozen that you’re feeding is balanced already.

    Here are a couple of links that I’d suggest you take a look at to help you decide whether or not you want to pursue homemade raw:



    You could always consider some of the pre-mixes such as See Spot Live Longer or one of The Honest Kitchen’s base mixes. With a pre-mix as a base, you simply add your own fresh meat and in some cases, oil also.

    Here’s some more conversation about using pre-mixes: /forums/topic/vitaminmineral-pre-mixes/

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    You can also feed whole raw fish. I buy sardines that range from 7-10 inches long and were only $1.19 per pound. Also some restaurant suppliers will also sell to the public so you can buy by the case.

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