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    Crock Pot Recipe Weight Loss and

    30 percent whole young
    fryer and 70 percent veggies
    (green beans, peas, carrots squash, potatoes, or

    The average fryer is about 4 pounds. I cut it in half and use 2 pounds
    (1920 calories).

    I add 8 oz. of chicken livers
    (280 calories), 6 pounds of veggies—a combination of 64 oz. frozen green beans
    (660 calories) and 32 oz. frozen peas and carrots
    (550 calories). This adds up to 3140 calories per 8.5- pound batch or 23 calories per ounce.
    If you skim the fat off the top, the calories are reduced to 15-20 calories per ounce.
    You could feed our hypothetical, obese 20-pound dog about 6 oz. twice daily. An
    average dog would get 8oz. twice daily. And an active dog would get 12 oz. twice daily. A batch
    (8.5 pounds) of chicken and veggies would last an average 20-pound
    dog about a week.

    You can add 16 oz. of pumpkin for extra fiber.

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    70% veggies??!!??!!

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    jakes mom

    Yikes! This is pretty awful. Very unbalanced and dangerous long term.

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