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    This article is quite a slog and takes some grit to tackle. That said, it seems well-supported, fact-based, and objective. Bottom line: with the possible exception of fish oil (for prophylactic treatment of allergies like skin and coat issues), there is precious little to support the Madison Avenue-concocted nonsense built into claims about pet foods and supplements. (Illustration: There’s little solid science to support the claims of arthritis and joint ailments’ relief from taking glucosamine in humans, and virtually none as relates to pets.) So, read labels, feed your four-legged babies well-balanced diets and treats, get them to exercise (except for cats … unless they can be trained to use a treadmill), and give them a good belly-rub at least twice-a-day.


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    Yes! I agree.
    I have noticed positive results with fish oil supplements recommended by my vet but usually it is in conjunction with other treatments recommended by the treating vet.

    There a lot of anti-vet folks out there that are listening to homeopathic sites such as Dogs Naturally Magazine (one of many)and spreading false information.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Shavon P

    Yes, many natural supplements especially fish oil works very well. I have tried natural supplements when my dog was gone through neck surgery.

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