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    Mark G

    I am new to DogFoodAdvisor and am surprised to see Evanger’s canned food rated a 5 on your list not listed on the recall list. We used Evanger’s for a couple of years because of the variety of all meat foods they offered. One of our pets Anna, a female blue heeler would throw up her food on a regular basis. This is a dog that I rescued out in the wilds of the Texas Panhandle who was emaciated and near death. She has always eaten anything fed to he with exuberance. I began to search on line and discovered articles about the quality of Evanger’s, recalls and problems. Some of these from former employees. I stopped feeding her the food and the throwing up stopped. We now use Halo rated a 4 by your site and never recalled.

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    Hi Mark-
    That is a great question! And welcome, By the way. All of the ratings are done by the food’s ingredients and guaranteed analysis labels. Check out the article on how we rate dog food under the FAQ in the library tab. Many regulars are aware of Evanger’s history and will not buy this brand. There is also a recall history tab as well. I believe that is why Dr. Mike added a forum section. So fellow users can compare notes. Glad your dog is doing well on Halo. Have a good day!

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    Hi Mark,

    Like C4C mentioned, based on Evanger’s ingredients alone, it would look to be an excellent product. Many of us who post here regularly wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, however. I live in the Chicago area and it seems there’s frequently something in the paper about their cannery. I think the company is so shady as a whole, that even though their kibble diets are co-packed, I have nothing to do with them either. Transparency is so important!

    I’m not aware of any recent Evanger’s recalls.

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    This is the only thread I could find with Evangers in the title of the topic.

    I had heard rumors previously that Ohio Pet Foods and Fromm co-packed Evangers kibble. I just thought I’d let you know that I emailed Ohio Pet Foods today and a gentleman got back to me immediately and said that Ohio Pet Foods does not manufacture any products for Evangers at all. I sent an email to Evangers… we’ll see if they get back to me.

    I just wondered if anyone knew for sure who co-packed Evangers dry foods? I thought that someone had mentioned having communicated with Fromm, who also denied manufacturing any of Evangers products.

    Just FYI, Matt Golladay, VP at Ohio Pet Foods emailed me back within 20 minutes of my sending my email to him. If Ohio Pet Foods co-packed Evangers, I was thinking of looking at one of their products that meets my requirement for Sam, my Golden with lots of food intolerance issues, since there’s so little I have to feed him.

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    Have you emailed Mid-America Pet Food? One of their recipes (Grain Free Chicken) is very similar to Nature’s Select Grain Free which is made there.

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    I haven’t yet Sandy, but I will right now.


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    Well that was easy. Brett Sher already emailed me back from Evangers and said that their dry foods are co-packed by Mid-America Pet Foods. I wasn’t sure I’d get an answer at all, let alone within minutes on a Friday night.

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    I can’t get past even the warning letters and cease and desist notices from the FDA.

    To not only have the FDA saying labs can’t detect the presence of the MAIN protein source in listed ingredients (duck, etc.), but then the Evangers response/press release following was just too much.

    Who the heck even KNOWS what’s in those cans???

    Mystery food, for your dog.

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    Hey D.F. If it’s an Evanger’s product pleeeaaasssssee don’t feed it to Sam regardless of who the co-packer is. Poor Sam, like Katie, has enough food issues to contend with without throwing Evanger’s into the mix. Yikes! Girlfriend, what were you thinking???? 🙂

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    joanne l

    I just want everyone to know that evangers and Victor dog food is made by the same manufacture.

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    joanne l

    natures select might be made by mid-American pet foods, I spoke to them and as I posted earlier they make evangers and Victor, I think he said natures select too. But if anyone buys Victor I would second guess it.

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    Hi joanne l- I think it is mostly the Evanger’s cannery that is the biggest concern. Many are so worried about shady things that have happened at their cannery that they do not want to support them by buying their dry food either. Other foods made by Mid-American Pet Foods are not the concern. (at this time, anyway, LOL!)

    Here is a link: http://truthaboutpetfood.com/fda-closes-warning-letter-to-evangers-pet-food/

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