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    Cotons mom

    I am looking for a well balanced, easy to make raw diet recipe for my cotons. They both get primal, S&C, Vital and I want to learn to make it myself. Suggestions on where to get whatever supplements that need to be added would be also be great. I have a meat grinder so at least I have one thing going toward this adventure ;.))


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    Just bumping up your post….I feed ground that I buy mostly from Hare Today.

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    Dog Pack Mom

    I have tried multiple times to feed raw. My toy dogs do well on it but I just run out of steam on grinding or preparing it. Ordering premade raw foods seems very expensive even compared to higher priced kibbles like Orijen. I would be interested in an easy recipe as well.

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    Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats has recipes that include bone meal if you are just going to grind meat without bones. It also has a vitamin recipe and veggie mash recipe. There are also a couple powder premixes like Urban Wolf and CarnivoRaw that you just add muscle meat and fish oil.

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    Kelly K

    if you’re on Facebook there is a raw feeding site devoted to it and they also have a Yahoo group. I can’t help with the Facebook link as I closed my account there but here is their Yahoo link


    If you can’t get the link to work because the group is private try this: http://www.rawlearning.com

    I’ll warn you though that this raw feeding group is about feeding whole, raw food such as beef heart, pork shoulder, whole raw chicken, goat legs, nothing is ground. Their theory is that this is how dogs have eaten over evolution and that kibble is awful for them.

    I did it for a while but I have a great dane and it became too much for me to manage. I can say that he loved the whole pork shoulder and every once in a while I will still give him whole chicken quarters. The bones help keep his teeth clean.

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