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    Donna G

    Hello Mike,
    I see that Earthborn is one of the 5 star foods on your site but I don’t see it listed as one of the Editors Picks.
    Can you give me the reasoning behind that decision?
    And yes I do feed that for my choice of kibble with a raw diet as well.

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    Hello Donna,

    This is a frequently asked question. And Earthborn would make an excellent candidate. I agree.

    However, there’s much more to choosing an Editor’s Choice brand than just star ratings. Even though there are currently more than 340 product lines here that have received 4 stars or higher, it took us a great deal of hard work to narrow this foods down to (currently) just 22 brands.

    We answer this question and many others like it in our Editor’s Choice FAQ page. You can find it by clicking on the “FAQ” link in the red navigation bar at the top of every page. Here’s some of what we say regarding yur question:

    There are many reasons a particular brand may not be included on our lists.

    For example, a company may not have met all 9 of our rules for achieving this superior designation. Or its agents may have been unwilling to reveal important manufacturing information.

    In some cases, we may be aware of unfavorable information about a company. Or we may have received tips from industry insiders that disqualify certain brands from inclusion on our lists.

    And finally, we may simply be unfamiliar with a particular brand.

    By the way, in some cases, many of these brands are still being considered and we’re awaiting clarification form the companies.

    Hope this helps.

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    Chris S

    Mike & Donna
    I recently switched from Beneful to EarthBorn Grain Free,and my dog seems he
    just doesn’t like it.I have tried the turkey and the bison with about same result.
    Anything you can suggest?

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    Hi Chris,

    Beneful contains some ingredients which are essentially addictive.

    How long has your dog been eating Earthborn and how long was s/he eating Beneful?

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    Chris S

    He was on Beneful about 2 yrs,Earthborn
    About 2 months between the 2 flavors.Some
    mornings he looks at his food and walks away,
    Like do I have to eat this?

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    Hi Chris-
    I compare it to eating Froot Loops for breakfast for two years and then Mom or Dad wants you to start eating Grape Nuts every morning instead! Not so yummy at first!

    Have you tried adding in a mixer or topper such as a little canned food and/or warm water? You might just want to try a different brand or flavor to see if that helps. I regularly feed Victor kibble with a mixer every meal. Canned mixers in the morning and fresh or frozen in the afternoon. Even if you have to add just a little of the Beneful mixed in to make him eat, it would be a lot more healthy! Good luck!

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