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    My golden retriever, Haley, was diagnosed with liver disease a couple of years ago. She has cirrhosis of the liver. For awhile we had her on a special dog food for her liver and she did okay with eating but never loved it. However she was able to maintain her weight. But she has lost a lot of weight and is down to 45 pounds. We have regular check-ups with the vet and he is actually amazed that she’s been able to live this long with the liver disease. But recently she has lost so much weight the vet said we could pretty much feed her anything just to get her to eat because she is so underweight. We’ve tried different high quality canned dog foods and she eats them steadily for a week or so and then gets sick of them and refuses to touch them. I know she hasn’t lost her appetite because when we give her baked chicken and noodles she scarfs them down. I’m just wondering if anyone can recommend a good canned dog food that dogs actually like. Haley is such a picky eater. The vet has mentioned giving her a shot to increase her appetite but I really don’t think lack of an appetite is the problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


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    I guess I should also mention that she is 13 years old. I’ve tried the eukanuba canned dog food and the simply nourish canned food. She absolutely loved the Simply Nourish for about a month but now she won’t even sniff it. We tried Nature’s Own and she wouldn’t even sniff it.

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    I would suggest doing purposefully what she is making you do anyways. Pick several different canned foods and plan on rotating them. Make sure you are getting different protein sources.

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    I used to feed my liver dog Wellness whitefish and potato alternating with Fromm whitefish. He did really well on it and seemed to hold his weight as well as have his condition under control. When he would get picky, I would add boiled whitefish or chicken(on occasion) to encourage him to eat.

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