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    Brian C

    We took our 8 w/o Bernedoodle to the vet because after having him for 4 days, we notied that he was having to pee way too frequently. He would go several times outside over the course of 5 minutes then sometimes again a minute or too after coming in the house. His urine sample was determined to contain 10X the normal amounts of water. The vet wasn’t too concerned and advised we wait 10 days and send another sample out for a more comprehensive test. Having thought about the situation, I realized it got worse in days three and four after bringing him home. Kidney malfunction would have been obvious from birth and certainly wouldn’t just start as it did. So I thought about variables. 1) Transition from Purina Pro Plan Puppy to Wellness Core Puppy, 2) Transition from well water to public tap water. So my question is, after doing some research, are there reviews on the various dog water out there (K9 Water company,Dogdration, Pet Refresh, VitaPaw,Mollie’s Choice etc)? Any suggestions on hydration options to eliminate unnecessary burden on his kidneys?

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    In my opinion, you are overreacting, 8 weeks old is an infant, in an ideal world he would still be with his mom and siblings for another few weeks. He will void (pee) all day long, and have frequent bowel movements for the next several months, take him outside every 2 hours and hope for the best, lol
    Around 5,6,7 months he should be housebroken.
    RELAX. As long as he has an appetite, no diarrhea, energy, it’s all good.

    Be careful with all that testing, hope this helps http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=over+diagnosis
    PS: Tap water is fine. Do not withhold water, always have fresh water available. I add water to my dogs meals.
    I like Wellness, Purina makes me nervous. You may want to presoak the kibble and add a spoonful of topper, a bit of scrambled egg or chopped up cooked chicken or something. I would feed small meals 3-4 times (at least) a day for now. At about 5-6 months taper to 2 meals per day.

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    Brian C

    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I would love if he peed every 2 hours. The frequency I felt was extreme which is why I took him to the vet. I was thinking UTI. The pattern of peeing 2-3 small amounts over the course of a couple of minutes prompted the evaluation just to be on the safe side. What alarmed me the most was the determination that Brody had 10X the normal amount of water in his urine. I do not know anything about that particular test or the metrics used to make this determination. If you were told your pup had this super elevated water content, what would you do? Follow the vet’s guidance to wait a couple of weeks and retest, get a second opinion etc? Thank you again

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    I understand, I have a terrier that is 4 years old now, he was a pet shop rescue, he was a mess, he couldn’t walk right and acted like an old dog at 7 months, he may be older, pet shops and some breeders lie.
    I had him about 3 days and I took him to the vet, they ruled out myasthenia gravis. I started walking him every day, he is up tp 2-3 miles a day. He has some weird occasional stiffness, so I took him swimming which worked wonders, except, after a particularly active day, he was urinating frequently and drinking more water than usual, I took him to the vet, he had a urine specific gravity of 1.010 (normal 1.025-1.040) They retested him a week later and he was normal, as well as other labs. I suspect he swallowed a lot of salt water at the beach retrieving his favorite yellow toy. He is fine now. My vet likes to do annual labs, I go along with it, because if anything is wrong I want to catch it early.
    In your situation, I would treat the pup as an infant, he may pee involuntarily throughout the day, he’s a baby! If he is looking good, I would go by what the vet recommends when you see him in 2 weeks. You can always attempt to negotiate about the lab work, give the pup a little more time to stabilize. Another thing, if you are concerned the pup may be sick, I would talk to the vet about avoiding any vaccines until you are sure he is in good health.
    PS: Do have pet health insurance? You may want to consider it.
    By the way, thanks for mentioning Wellness, my dogs have been doing well on Nutrisca as a base, but, I was thinking of trying something different…..

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    I took a closer look at the Wellness kibbles and noticed they seem to use a lot of potato, although the fish and sweet potato kibble looks interesting.
    I may stick with the Nutrisca salmon and chickpea as a base as one of my dogs doesn’t do well with changes. But, I think I will add a little Newman Organics Advanced for my terrier. I’ve used it before and it’s pretty reasonable at Chewy dot com I always add something tasty to it anyway. I have heard good things about Pro Plan but I have not tried it.
    Good luck with your puppy.

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    I remember when we got our now 11yr old pbgv: he’s pee four times in ten minutes. He was our hardest dog to housebreak, hardest dog overall and now at 11, I’d do it all over again.

    I think this is normal. Puppies can be very hard.

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