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    Pam H

    I am New to Editors choice. Has anyone member found information on FARMLAND TRADITION brand chicken jerky as a safe treat for dogs ? I buy mine from Costco and just watched an alarming show production from ‘MarketPlace’. They did not mention this particular brand, majority warning to stay away from Made in China brands. Attempting to find out more and did call the company who distributes ‘HILLSIDE FARMS’. They said they have never been under a recall. All the chickens raised in U.S.A.. That theirs bought though Costco are manufactured here in the U.S.A. They do have a manufacturing plant in China. Only two ingredients as their package states. Chicken, & Vegetable Glycerin. Company person stated that as long as feeding guideline is followed these are safe. She said the problem would be overfeeding that would result in too much protein for dog. Asking if anyone else has additional information or cautions with this product. Needing reassurance Please. The wrong type of Glycerin such as Probel (sp?) Ester used by the Chinese causes kidney failure. At this time I have not researched more about the types of Glycerin. I will, and possibly submit another post later to what I find out.

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    a c

    I don’t know much about Farmland Tradition chicken jerky. I kind of stay away from all the jerky now. I used to feed another brand of chicken jerky that I got from Sam’s Club. I believed it also has only two ingredients. I can’t remember if it was made in USA or China. Anyway. When one of my dog passed away with lymphoma at the age of 10, I start to do more reading and research on dog food and dog treats. It amazing how little average consumers know about dog food industries. Dog food companies did a real good job in marketing their products!

    I look at this way. A bag full of chicken jerky cost $20-25. How many piece of chicken jerkies are in a bag? How is that price compare to fresh raw chicken tenders? I will probably just buy fresh chicken tenders from Costco and a dehydrator to make my own chicken jerky. That just my two cents.

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    I think that is a good plan, a c. I stay away from it too! I don’t think the actual cause has been found behind the jerky deaths yet. It’s really scary!

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