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    Monica J

    My baby, Max, is a very large framed westie and is 7. He weighs 33.3 pounds and the vet says he needs to lose weight. He says to feed him a 1/2 cup of food 2 times a day. I’ve been feeding him Canidae forever, but he seems to have no energy anymore and since he recently sprained his leg he is taking a very long time to heal. I feel he needs a change to his diet. Perhaps a higher protein? My brother suggested Blue Buffalo but I see some reviews on here that are not too good for that. I really would love some advice.

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    The famous Green Bean Diet. You give him what the vet tells you, buy industrial sized cans of canned green beans and throw lots of them in with his foood and he think he has the same amount because he has to chew through all those beans andhe still gets his nutrition and loses weight. ALWAYS WORKS! You can find the big sizes of cans in most grocery stores or even Costco maybe.

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    I’m not much help, as I’ve never dealt personally with overweight dogs. Possibly making one of his meals just a tiny bit smaller even? Try to keep exercise as much as possible, I know it’ll be hard with this injury, but inactivity gives the snowball effect. The less he moves, the less he’ll want to move. Even starting with maybe a nice 10min walk, then gradually doing 2 walks daily and increasing the distance.

    I’ve never heard of that green bean diet, so I’m holding my hands up – I have no clue if it’s good or not. I’ll wait for one of our “gurus” to come give their thoughts 😉

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    I adopted an obese dog. We used a Wellness Core reduced fat food with great success. While I haven’t used it, people have used Annamaet lean with good results.

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