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    Tracy P

    I have an 8 yr old who 2 months ago was diagnosed with diabetes . I went with the vets advice of lowering her calorie intake to 950-1000 . She was 70 lbs when I changed her food, and she is skin and bones now. In the last 2 weeks we have noticed a mass growing on her leg as well . I have called the vet and am waiting for a call back . Could the lowering of calories as much as we did cause this ? Her sugar is checked by me 2 times a day, and if need be insulin is given . It ranges from low 95 to high of 350 some days . She gets insulin if sugar is above 120 . The food I give her is Beneful weight management . She doesn’t constantly drink water like she did when we found out about the diabetes either. She eats all her food within 2 minutes. She gets 2 cups at 6 am and 2 cups at 6 pm .

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    It sounds very concerning. I hope the vet can help you out! Please report back when you get some information. I am curious to what you find out. Fingers crossed for you.

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    “I have called the vet and am waiting for a call back”.

    I would not wait for a call back, if it was my dog. I would put the dog in the car and head for the nearest emergency 24/7 veterinary clinic, have the dog examined, diagnosed and then evaluate my treatment options. ASAP.
    Hope things work out, give us an update.

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    Hi Tracy-

    Can you give us some more information on your dog? What breed? What was the ideal weight the vet wanted her to be at? What weight is she at now? Some people who have had an overweight dog for a long time have a hard time telling if the dog is now too skinny or at ideal weight once they lose the weight.

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