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    Ryan K

    Hi! So, my 11 year old dachshund-terrier mix recently had a recurrence with his IVDD. He slipped the disc back in 2016 and was back leg paralyzed but with laser therapy and confinement he bounced back fairly fast. He has had “recurrences” where he hasn’t lost the function of his back legs but just is visibly in pain and won’t move.

    He had a flare up and was shaking and panting so I took him to the emergency vet where they diagnosed it as just another episode and to put him on confinement and give him several medications. They prescribed methocarbomal, metacam and Tylenol with codeine. A few days into this cocktail of drugs he wound up defecating all over my bed. My vet gave me an RX of flagyl to combat stomach discomfort and diarrhea from the meds but he is still randomly leaking out poop chunks while he sleeps. Is this from the meds or is this a side effect of the IVDD? I stopped all meds except flagyl yesterday to see how he does and although he seems very alert and happy he did leak out a poop ball about an hour ago. Could a combination of these medications mess his system up enough to cause poop to leak out like that? I’m not sure if I need to buy him diapers or something since he sleeps with me. This is so upsetting to me! Any help would be appreciated.

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