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    barak b

    Hi, I have a German shepherd dog about 4 years, until now she eat proplan sensitive and lately avoided to eat. What food do you recommend the best type of dog is that? Thanks in advance

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    First, make sure there isn’t a medical reason. Decrease in appetite, refusal to eat, just as changes in behavior, can be red flags that something may be wrong. Time to see the veterinarian (imo).

    Otherwise, I would consider a higher quality food, I like Nutrisca (for my allergy girl), Wysong for my senior. I have also used Wellness Simple. My neighbor likes Fromm for her picky eater. Maybe add a little water or homemade plain chicken broth to her food. Mix in a spoonful of canned or a bite of chicken…
    Newman Organics is a reasonably priced quality food, I think.
    Or consider homemade with kibble as a base.

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    NutriSource is good for sensitive dogs.

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