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    joanne l

    Does anyone use Holistic Select dog food? If so is it good?

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    I tried Holistic Select Senior back 2014 then again 2016 I tried the Puppy/Adult Salmon & Sardine Grain Free formula Patches poos were good, skin was good but after 2 months he wasn’t really interested in it probably cause of the Fish causing acid reflux??…
    The Holistic Select Senior had grains a few years ago but Patches mouth licking & swollowing started again & poos were sloppy & yellow so I returned to pet shop probably cause of the Barley now Holistic Select Senior is Grain Free now & has Chickpeas, Peas, Lentils,…
    I prefer Canidae or Wellness Patch seemed to do better.
    I prefer meat 1st 2nd & 3rd ingredients less carbs, less reactions, less fiber, less problems for Patches IBD & skin…

    It will all depend on “your” dog, you have to take the plunge, I did the same after I found out Patch has IBD, I was stressing out what foods too feed him cause I didnt know 100% what he was sensitive too πŸ™
    For 1 yr back 2013 Patch was on a Vet Diet Eukanuba Intestinal his poos were small & OK but he had bad yeasty itchy smelly skin, paws & itchy bum probably from the grains & beet pulp?? the vet said we’ll let his bowel heal first then deal with his skin problems, I was soooooo scared to try another dog food, then vet said do you want to try Vet diet Eukanuba Fish & Potato FP formula, a few of my IBD dog patients who have skin problems do really well on teh Eukanuba FP but Patch had bad diarhea & all I had introduced was about 20 kibbles to 1 cup of Eukanuba Intesinal kibble the first day he seemed OK, 2nd day OK, I was still only giving 20 new dry FP kibbles mixed with his Intestinal kibble, then on the 3rd day he had BAD diarhea water as soon as he ate he had to poo badly, Ive never seen him this bad, so took back the big bag of Eukanuba FP to vet practice he was put back on Metronidazole cause after going back on his Eukanuba Intestinal the diarrhea would stop, we had to fast him for 48hrs & was put on Royal Canine Intestinal wet can food, his vet said it was probably the potatoes so for 2 years I was SSSSSSOOOOOOO scared to try a grain free kibble that had Potatoes but now I’ve realised it was probably bad Fish meal in the Eukanuba FP formula not the potatoes unless they were green & rotten?…

    Look for a dry kibble that doesnt have tooo many ingredients has at least 2-3 meat proteins as 1st 2nd & 3rd ingredients as protein meat is easier to digest, a dogs digestive tract is short, made to digest meat diet..

    Have you looked at “Victor” Select range the Lamb Meal & Brown Rice formula or I like the Chicken Meal Brown Rice with Lamb Meal formula,
    it has Lamb Meal Patch would do really well on the Victor Select Formula’s they have no barley, the Victor formula also have Montmorillonite clay, Id find a store that sells Victor & give the Chicken Meal Brown Rice & Lamb meal a go or the Lamb Meal & Brown Rice these are the ingredients to the Select Chicken Meal formula

    Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Whole Grain Millet, Lamb Meal, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols), Grain Sorghum, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Flax Seed (source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid), Feeding Oat Meal, Yeast Culture, Natural Chicken Flavor, Dried Kelp, Montmorillonite,

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    joanne l

    Hi Susan, thanks for the info. I think Victor is a good food, but I don’t like the “blood meal” in the lamb and rice. First I just don’t like that ingredient and we don’t know what animal it comes from. I bought a small bag of Holistic Select lamb, but he HATES it. I just put a little in to use it up and he will eat it mixed with his other dry food. I was looking at Nutrisource lamb and rice or Merrick lamb LID or Natures Variety. If anyone has used these foods or has any comment on it I would appreciate it.

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    when I read Victors ingredients years ago I thought the same thing “YUK” Blood Meal” but when you think about it Victor is just writing what is in our dry kibble “blood & Bone”..
    When you see a kibble being made you see all the blood meat etc all swirling around & when this is all dried up its a blood meal… So all dry dog foods would have Blood in them..YUK

    I just goggled “Video of a kibble being made”
    & look what I found its awful….this is why pentobarbital was found in dog foods..

    “D & D Disposal
    West Coast Rendering
    Veron California April 2007
    Stop at 4.10mins, look bottom left look at the white bag, it starts moving the dog is alive..
    This is “why I hate” feeding a dry Kibble but Patch regurgites all wet foods πŸ™

    Yeah the Holistic Select mustn’t smell too great, Patch wasnt really happy eating it..
    When I read posts on F/B I belong to a few IBD & skin allergies groups, a few dogs do well on Merrick LID formula’s…. take back the Holistic Select in 1 week & swap for a LID formula, go when a nice person is serving, normally the younger ones don’t care when I return food.. its the older ladies that ask questions.. You will find the right dog food for your boy hat helps stomach/bowel & skin, you just have to try a few different kibbles, look when Specials are on or when foods are reduced cause use by dates are close, I just paid 1/2 price for Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato, so I got 2 bags for the price of 1 bag, thats not bad & Patches allergies are doing heaps better….

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    joanne l

    Thanks Susan so much for taking the time to help me. I will try the Merrick and see how it goes.

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    joanne l

    Hi Susan, I decided to try Holistic Select first, it is the lamb and oatmeal. Well anyway I put a little bit in his food the first 3 days than a little more. The out come is he don’t like it, but just by mixing the dry food with his other dry food I already see improvement like , not licking his bottom so maybe it is the pro and prebiotics in this food that is helping? But I can’t continue it b/c he hates it. It does smell weird. Well now I am thinking about Nutrisource lamb and rice since it is almost similar ingredients and maybe he will like it better. What do you think?

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    Arlene L
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    Hanna D

    I have a cocker spaniel that is allergic to wheat, flaxseed, milk and beef. I have golden retriever with anal gland issues.They are eating Acana now but it is making there poop soft. Looking for recommendations

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    joanne l

    Hanna how about Anameat? they have chicken and rice I don’t think it has flaxseed in it.
    I am looking to for new food. My dog is having anal gland issues too. My vet seems to think it is b/c of soft stools and or allergy. That’s why I am switching too. Nutrisource I heard is good but not sure about the flax. Are you switching to grain in? I myself want peoples opinion on Nutrisource. Hope someone else can help you too.

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    joanne l

    Did anyone ever have dry dog food that smells like paint?? I am just starting to use holistic select lamb and it smells like paint of some sort.

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    is this the same Holistic Select Lamb formula you bought about 1-2 weeks ago & he didnt really want to eat it??
    I would take it back, or email Holistic Select & ask them why does it have a paint smell?? they might send you out a voucher or something??
    I’ve feed Patch “Holistic Select Salmon, Anchovy, Sardine Meal Puppy/Adult grain free” & “Holistic Select Chicken Meal & Rice Senior” old formula years ago they never smelt of paint, they smelt like a dry dog food, even their Salmon, Sardine & Anchovy Meal kibble didn’t smell of fish which I liked as some kibbles stick bad of fish, if he doesnt want to eat it listen to him..
    I know Holistic Select add alot of Pro & Pre -biotics but they don’t smell like paint..

    The other day 1pm I got Patches Wellness Simple Turkey Meal & Potato 11.8kg bag thru postage, Pet Barn shop doesnt have the Wellness Simple bigger bags you have to buy online, when the post van pulled up I went outside it was a very HOT day, when the mail man handed me the Wellness bag it was hot like it had been sitting in the sun, I said to the mail man isnt your van Air con, he said yes but Im opening the back door all the time, I thought this kibble oils will go rancid, so I rung up Pet barn & asked will this bag of Wellness Simple be off, it came in a very hot plastic bag, they put me on hold then came back the lady said I can take it to a Pet Barn store & get another 1, I said Pet Barn stores don’t sell the bigger Wellness Simple bags, she said it will be OK…I didnt open it till this morning, its smelt OK like the other Wellness 2kg bags I tried, Patch ate it but Patch eats everything the nut.. I gave the cat 2 kibbles she ate them & she is fussy so I thought OK its alright I hope its OK..
    Then we wonder why are our dogs are sick for no reason??..We dont know what happens to the bags of kibble or wet can foods after they leave the Pet Food company after they are made??

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    joanne l

    HI Susan, yes it is the one from a week or so ago. Usually if I wouldn’t feed it, but I even tried a sample bag of Nutrisource and he won’t eat that either. So I mix the Purina and holistic select and he will eat it b/c it is mixed. I been watching his stools and the way he acts. So far his stools are better and he is not vomiting so maybe it is okay? I think he is so used to Purina that I would have to find something that beats Purina in taste. He is not licking his bottom hardly so I am convinced it maybe the Purina causing anal issues. So, do you think since he is not sick than it is okay? I bought a 4lb bag and only have 1 1/2 cups left. So he ate most of it mixed I don’t know if he would be willing to eat it straight up without the Purina in it. If he doesn’t I will have to find another food. The one I was looking at is called Health Extensions it looks pretty good they sell it on chewy, but not in any stores near me. Let me know what you think about this food and about the holistic select is okay considering what I mentioned him eating most of it. Thank you much!

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    Hi Joanne,
    is this the Holistic Select Lamb Meal & Rice formula he’s eating?
    its the only Holistic Select formula that has Lamb…
    Holistic Select have changed all their formula’s, they have stopped making a few of their grain formula’s & made them grain free now, but they’re high in Legumes…

    Purina, Hills & Royal Canine spray their dry foods right at the end of being made, this makes the kibble more tasty & smell delicious so the dog eats them, where Holitic Select spray their probiotics & Vonn probably not use to this smell, in time he’s get use to the weird smell…
    I’d buy either tin tuna or tin Salmon in spring water, I drain the spring water out then I put fish in container, I mix in some boil sweet potato pieces mash & mix & feed for lunch, I have to mix in Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM joint powder now with Patches meal for his hip.. πŸ™
    I bet he’ll love the Holistic Select Lamb kibbles or another dry food that he won’t eat, after you add the tuna or salmom, the tuna or salmon is very small so after you mash he fish it sticks to the kibbles, so when he goes to lick the fish up he licks up the whole kibbles….

    There’s the Holistic Select Large/Giant Breed Adult formula, I like it cause it has Pork Meal in it, alot of dry dog foods are adding Fish Meal further down te ingredient list, I prefer Pork Meal + Patch does really well on Pork…
    These are the Ingredients in Holitsic Select Large/Giant Breed Formula no Barley.
    Chicken Meal, Rice, Oatmeal, Oats, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Pork Meal, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Flaxseed, Pumpkin, Cranberries, Apples, Brewers Dried Yeast, Potassium Chloride, Papayas, Choline Chloride, Blueberries, Pomegranates, Vitamin E

    Wellness have a new “grain” dry kibble called Wellness “Healthy Balance”
    I bought a small bag of the “Healthy Balance Adult Chicken” formula cause it has Pork Meal 2nd ingredient..
    Chicken Meal, Pork Meal, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Barley, Rice, Peas, Chicken Fat (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Brewers Dried Yeast, Ground Flaxseed, Dried Tomato Pomace, Salmon Oil,
    I didn’t see the word “BARLEY” aaaarrrrrrrhhhhhh, I just saw “NEW”, Pork Meal & Cheap lol
    Patch loves it, I have to add 1/3 cup new & mix with 3/4 cup Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato formula to keep his poos firm & to stop him scratching himself after he eats the Wellness Healthy balance kibble, he’s definitely sensitive to Barley, he started his bum surfing on the carpet again, lucky I only got the small bag..

    Scroll down the “Healthy Balance” is down the bottom
    these are the only Wellness products we get now, Wellness is only sold thru Pet Barn no one else sells Wellness so Pet Barn must have some deal with Wellness..

    Have you tried any new Chicken formula’s again?
    there’s so many dry foods that have Chicken that would probably agree with him, there’s “Eagle Pack” Large/Giant Breed formula & Lamb Meal & Brown Rice looks good but Eagle Pack uses barley…

    I would try a chicken formula again it was probably something wrong with the Purina Pro Plan or an ingredient didn’t agree with him or he might have just been unwell at that time & had problems with the chicken Pro Plan formula?..

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    joanne l

    Hi Susan, I know what you mean. Purina does use tasty spraying because it does smell good. And your right he is not used to these other foods. I want to try chicken again but I am afraid. You maybe right it probably was the Purina chicken that made him sick because I just talked to a neighbor that feeds Purina Lamb and than tried the chicken and his dog got mushy stools. His dog doesn’t even have a sensitive stomach so I think that it could of been the problem with Purina chicken. I am giving him castor and pollack “chicken” treats and he is fine also, this food is USDA certified organic and the treats are too. Maybe my dog needs the highest quality of chicken for him to accept it. I do give him fresh chicken and he is fine. The price of the castor and pollock food is 79.00 for I think a 20lb bag, so you know by the price it is good chicken and good quality ingredients. I know it is expensive but in order to make USDA certified food it cost money, if it were cheap than I won’t trust it. I hope he can eat a dog food with chicken in it, because I think he would like it better. I may try this food, and again I am still nerves about chicken in dog food. Also I did try Fromm’s chicken and he was fine for a week than mushy stools so I don’t know what to think that is why I am afraid to try chicken.

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    Hi Joanne,
    its probably not the Chicken in the Fromm Chicken formula that made poos mushy, there probably was too much soluble fiber or too many ingredients that insoluble fiber???
    Fromm is known to have a heap of different ingredients in their formula’s, he probably wasn’t use to something, if he can eat cooked chicken, its not the chicken, you probably have just been picking the wrong chicken kibbles…

    Kibbles with Chicken & Turkey are the cleanest meats this is probably why Patch is doing well since staying on Wellness kibbles that are Chicken & Turkey he’s not reacting after 2-3 months when I feed him same formula, before I had to keep rotating his kibbles every 2-3 months before but since on Wellness formula’s he’s been OK maybe its the probiotics??…

    If you have a Victor store near you i’d try “Victor Select Protein Chicken Meal” formula it doesnt have the Blood meal in it no more??? Looks like Victor has change some of their formula’s??…
    The Victor Prairie Land, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potato G/F formula & the Ultra Pro G/F formula’s have the blood meal probably to make it more appealing to dog or cause there’s red meats & they have blood meal??
    See if you can get a sample Victor Select Protein Chicken meal formula ..

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