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    CP Rescue

    I work with a large rescue and we are trying to find a good quality dog food available directly from the manufacturer at a reasonable discount. Is anyone aware of a shelter/rescue dog food program other than the Science Diet program? Thanks.

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    I work at a pet food store and I know that some dog food companies do have special deals for breeders. Pro plan is one that gives a lot of perks. Their food isn’t that great, but it is a step up from SD. Acana/Orijin has a deal where breeders buy 5 they get one free. They might offer something similar for rescue groups. Otherwise try talking directly to your local pet store owner, especially a smaller independent store. Ask if they will sell to you for cost, plus 10%. We do that for a local rescue with kitten formula. If you offer to direct new pet owners to that store for their pet supplies, it is a win/win situation.
    Good luck!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    It’s probably going to depend on how large your rescue is. I work for a humane society that’s on the larger side (about ~50 dogs and ~100 cats) and the only program that can supply the volume of food we need is, unfortunately, Science Diet. We’ve tried to secure deals with better companies but no one can come through with the volume we need. I’ve been to smaller rescues that feed better foods – one I visited got free Natural Balance, but they only had about 10-15 dogs at a time. You’re just going to have to start calling companies.

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    Hi CP-

    Pick some foods that your rescue would be interested in and either email or call them. Explain that you are a rescue and are wondering if they have “kennel” discounts.Some do, some do not. You may find one that is willing to partner with your program the same as SD. As a kennel owner, I found that many of the companies gave me their distributors info and I was able to call and check out pricing-there are volume discounts out there, but other than SD(last I knew food was free, shelter paid for shipping) I really don’t know of any that do that-I would suggest trying Fromm, Nutrisource and Victor for decent foods in bulk.

    momofmutts -Acana/orijen breeder program is buy 6 and get 1 free-but all 6 bags have to be purchased at the same time.

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