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    Robin O

    Looking for food low in protein and phosphorus for Boston terrier. Don’t want the prescription foods offered by vets or require a prescription

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    joanne l

    Hi Robin, I know you don’t want rx diets, but maybe for this it is the better option. Did you ask your vet about home cooked food along with some dry food for the nutrients? Make sure you don’t use grain free. But what ever you choose please show the vet the ingredients and the percentage of protein and phos. in the food. If you go with the rx diet use Royal Canine, I don’t like science diet. I am sorry I can’t give any further advice on a brand of food, b/c I don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.

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    I agree, if there is a health problem your dog has that requires specific nutrients I would stick with a prescription food. I really like Farmina’s prescription foods and Royal Canin is another good option. Since I am not a vet, I would not feel comfortable recommending a random food for a dog that I assume has some kind of ailment.

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    There is not going to be an OTC food that is appropriate for your dog. I agree with the others, either feed a prescription food or work with a certified-board nutritionist to formulate a homemade diet for your poor pup. BalanceIt has a team of nutritionists that will work with your vet to formulate a diet for you. Good luck!

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    Robin O

    I dont have a problem using the vets recommendation i have an issue with not being able to purchase it without a script. I read that there is a suit pending against the manufacturers requiring a prescription to purchase the food. I guess it is so they get the price they want for it

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    Why is it an issue though? If the vet diagnosed your dog with renal failure and says a prescription food is needed I would assume they would have no problem writing a prescription for it? You can then purchase from anywhere else that sells the food with that prescription.

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    Hi Robin,

    Join Monica Segal f/b group called “K-9 Kitchen” group she often post recipes for Renal Failure, Post a Post once you join look in her “Files”

    Also Follow “Judy Morgan DVM” f/b page
    Click on her “Videos she has a few Renal Failure videos, post a post or msg Judy on her f/b page about a diet & she will answer your msg or post..

    Join “Dogs with renal / kidney failure and disease” F/B group
    Click on their “Photos” heaps of things people have posted over the years that they have used, feed etc this is where I got these foods from..

    Food you can buy without scripts.

    “Daves Restricted Fat & Phosphorus wet can dog food”

    “Dr Havey’s VEG-TO-BOWL”

    But be careful as the fat is often very high in these Renal Failure dog/cat foods, Dogs often suffer from Acid Reflux & need an acid reducer or acid Blocker…
    My vet said to add boiled potato to my cat meals, they can’t taste the potato & it adds carbs so they dont lose weight, sweet potato is nice & healthy & sweet also helps with acid reflux, I boil & freeze Sweet Potato pieces & take a few pieces out & thaw in micro wave when Patch isnt well & has his acid reflux & is mouth licking….

    What I do when I want to convert fat% in wet can foods or raw diets to Dry Matter fat (Kibble)
    I Multiply the fat % by 5 & you’ll get an ruff idea what the fat % is it wont be max fat %
    but it gives you an idea how high the fat is, it all depends on the moisture, the lower the moisture the lower the fat% look for under 80% moisture in wet can foods.
    or email pet food companies & ask can they convert their fat % into Dry matter..

    Here’s a fat, protein, fiber moisture calculator link, click on the 1st link “CA Calculator” save it..

    I wouldnt want to feed a vet diet especially after the high Vitamin D in Hills vet diets,
    if later you do want to try a vet diet then look at “Farmina” or “Rayne Canada” vet diets, ingredients are healthier & better quality..

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