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    Bill 6

    Hello, our two year old American Cocker Spaniel named Soly was diagnosed by ultrasound and liver biopsy with liver failure due to liver shunt. We have investigated and discussed surgical options with our veterinarian and decided not to go that route for many reasons not the least of which is quality of life. We’ve decided to manage her symptoms via diet and medication until her bad days outnumber her good days and then we will let her go.

    We’ve read that many dogs do quite well on homemade diets for this condition often living far longer than the typical 10 month prognosis. We’ve also read that diets must be carefully formulated to ensure they contain not only the correct enzymes, vitamins and minerals but the correct quantities as well. Sources of this information seem to be far and few.

    It seems that we need to move from animal based proteins to plant and dairy based proteins and avoid copper, salt and vitamin C. Most of our internet searching turns up diets or recipes that fail to address proper balance for our situation. Commercially available hepatic diets do not seem to be the answer either.

    Our vet was a student of Dr. Twedt at Colorado State who has spent a career studying canine hepatic disease. Both he and Dr. Twedt are suggesting BalanceIT recipe formulator. We are still awaiting approval on that since BalanceIT requires our vets input before we can see any recipes and we just submitted the online form this (Friday) evening.

    So I guess we’re looking for any and all opinions and suggestions to keep our little pup happy and as healthy as we can until we lose her. Two years is far too young to lose such a feisty little ball of energy. Heck, we’re still getting to know each other!

    Thanks in advance,
    Bill and Debbie & Soly too!

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    I would be working with a holistic vet for your dogs issues.

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Bill 6:
    I don’t have a dog with a health issue, but I do use Balance IT Carnivore Blend 2-3 times a week for my dog. Thought I would share my experience with the company. Their customer support is excellent. The few times I had questions they were answered right away. The recipe generator is very easy to use.

    Since my dog is healthy I can generate many, many different recipes for him and save each one to my account on their site for easy retrieval. Each recipe comes with a complete GA and calorie break down. I pretty much stick with simple beef or fish recipes, but he loves his Balance IT meals. I find using Carnivore Blend a convenient way to provide balanced home cooked meals with very little fuss. Wishing you the best with your pup.

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