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    My Dachshund is a year old now and has been on Acana Puppy and Junior dry food. He has always been skinny But if I feed him slightly extra it upsets his tummy. Lately thought he has had very runny stools. Usually his first one of the day is normal but the ones that follow are not, I can’t even pick them up. (Sorry for those who are eating whilst reading this!!!)

    I chose Acana because it was rated as a five star food but I don’t think that it is agreeing with my dog. I do wonder if it may be too high in protein. Where I live there is not a huge choice in the pet shop of dog foods so I don’t know what to change to. The choices are Blackwood dog food, Taste of the Wild, Nutri Source or one called Holistic Pro Series.

    Has anyone experience of any of the above foods or suggestions as to what I can do?


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    I use Nutrisource frequently with foster dogs of all ages and they haven’t had any issues. I’ve used Small/Med Breed Puppy, Grain Free Lamb, Grain Free Seafood Select and Grain Free Prairie Select.

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    Laura M

    I had a similar problem with another highly rated food. With my new puppy (now 6 months old) I transitioned to Nutrisource large breed puppy and have very good results. It is a nice easy to digest food. Good luck!

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    Of course, anything that causes diarrhea stop feeding immediately (and to the vet if more than a few days). Your pup can’t have “too much protein” as the body excretes what’s not needed; however, it’s probably one or more of the other long long list of ingredients that’s causing an intolerance (gassy, loose stools). You can pick great food within your budget by reading ingredient lists, isolating proteins to see what helps, less is more and make sure it has vitamins/minerals.

    We switched to Zignature Zssentials (4 stars) when they became diarrhetic to Orijen’s after the company tweaked their ingredients. It also states all the bad stuff it DOESN’T contain.

    You can read all the ingredients for everything under the sun on Chewy.com. Fast and free shipping for $49 or more. I have not entered any pet store for anything since I discovered their website.

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    NutriSource would be an excellent choice. I switched the newest edition to our family to it after he had been eating Purina ONE for 4 years. He likes it a lot more than Purina and no GI issues. I find it to be one of the best foods for dogs who have sensitive stomachs.

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    Stanley E

    Had the same problem on Acana. Add pumpkin for additional fiber to eliminate diarea

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    Thank you all so much. I went for Acana because it is supposed to be one of the best but honestly I am dissapointed also by their customer service they don’t respond to questions and I am still waiting!!!
    I wonder if because there are so many fruit and plant and vegetable ingredients it is hard for the tummy to tolerate also.
    I am confused about high and low protein what should a dog be having? How high is too high?
    I shall definitely look at nutri source that sounds good thank you all for the recommendations.

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    Sorry forgot to ask up to what age can the Nutrisource small breed puppy be fed?

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    Stanley E

    Sometimes its not the food, but the chemicals in your water. We have always used water that’s been allowed to sit for 24 hours so that any chemicals are evaporated.

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    Brenda V

    I know chicken gives our dogs diarrhea. The vet told me that it’s the hardest protein for dogs to digest.

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    Sarah H

    First thing I would do is take a stool sample to your vet and have it checked for parasites. If you’ve had weight gain issues all along and now this thats where I would start. I’d do a course of metronidazole.

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