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    My dog Nicky is a 8 month Cavalier King Charles Special, we got him when he was 4 month and everything was fine, we got a recommendation from our vet to change his food to a brand called Science Diet, Nicky immediately started to have diarrhea, we talked with the vet and he performed a fecal test to check if everything is ok, the test was negative, than we changed his food to royal canine, it was good for a couple of weeks but than he got giardia. We started with an antibiotics and probiotic.
    From that point, we are on an endless loop, during the antibiotic treatment he is fine, a day after we’re done the diarrhea comes back (really bad). The vet checked to see if he has any worms in his poop but nothing. We are doing a special test now to check for staff in his poop that a regular test cannot find.
    Any ideas what it could be? We were told that it might be a food allergies.
    I know that the cavaliers are very sensitive dogs, is it a known issue? Do we need to give him a specials food?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If it’s not a medical condition, Maybe he’s sensitive to certain ingredient?
    I tried 4 different brand of food, all of them gave the dog diarrhea/soft stool (not all the time but very often), till it came to my mind that maybe the chicken is the problem- they were all chicken based. He’s now eating lamb based food (with no chicken in it) and doing so great on it- firm stool every time. I don’t know if it’s because of the brand or the meat source, but it’s working 🙂

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    There are a couple people on here that have the same kind of dogs. I’m sure one of them will respond and hopefully help you out. Or someone else that might know what’s going on… Hang in there!

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    Definitely get your dog on GOOD probiotics like Dr. Stephen Langers from Swansons and digestive enzymes, no matter what else you do. Neither of the foods your vet has had you try are really all that good. What was your dog on before? It could very well be an intolerance to some or many ingredients in the food. It could be the grains, the meat source, or a number of other things, but the first thing I would try is something that is grain, potato, and chicken free. You can also try giving her a teaspoon of plain canned pumpkin, not pie filling, with each of her meals.

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    Dear ORENC26,

    RE: Diarrhea in Puppies

    I also recently got a Cavalier King Charles puppy. She had the same problem with diarrhea (really bad). When I first got her @ 9 weeks old, the previous owner was feeding her Purina Special Blend (i think).

    Anyways, we had rain here for over a week straight. Poor baby had to do her business in the rain and walk on the wet grass. I took her to the vet for her second vaccination and was told that she had a Yeast infection (in her ears which also gets in their digestive system) The vet gave me an anti-fungal med., an ear med. (Zymox is better) and a stool hardener. You can use Imodium Advance. ONLY 1/4 tablet daily and for just a 2 days!!! (go by weight of dog) Brandi was 5 lbs. then.

    She (Brandi) got a little better but still had some diarrhea problems. I researched the internet and spoke with the vet & a local breeder.

    They all suggested to feed her Boiled Chicken (white meat to start) with cooked white rice, mixed with some 100% Pumpkin. I fed this to her for 2 weeks. (note: adding a good vitamin may help but check the ingredients carefully!). After feeding Brandi the Chicken-rice combo for 2-3 weeks I wanted to get her back on a dry (kibble) puppy food. I chose “Orijen” Brand 80/20 Puppy dry food. Available at most Pet Stores and online.

    I mixed it 50/50 with the Orijen and Purina One Beyond (White Meat Chicken & Whole Barley flavor) and 1 heaping Tablespoon of 100% Pumpkin. (NOT the pumpkin pie filling!!!) I introduced this mixture over 10 days (see the internet on how to do this). On the 10th. day she was eating just the dry kibble food with the pumpkin. At this point I added a Probiotic (you can pick up at pet stores – capsule form and read how much to add per day – goes by weight). Come to find out that the Orijen 80/20 puppy dry food has natural Pre & Pro Biotics (for GOOD bacteria for their digestive system) in their puppy food.


    I still give her the Orijen and the Purina One Beyond with pumpkin (she is 3.5 months old now) Still NO diarrhea. : ) HAPPY MOMMY HERE.

    I think I will switch to Acana Brand – Wild Prairie dry kibble soon because it is a bit less expensive and made by the same company. Plus it has less of a high protein content. Below are their websites:

    Orijen: http://www.orijen.ca/
    Acana: http://www.acana.com/products/regionals/wild-prairie/

    These pet foods are made in Canada with only natural products (Grain Free). They have their own Processing Plant and process ONLY their dog and cat foods. BTW – My cats love their 6 Fish Dry Cat Food.

    These foods are a bit more than your cheaper store-bought brands but worth getting rid of the diarrhea for good. Plus knowing she is healthy, happy and growing as she should be.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your new baby cavalier. Precious, aren’t they? ; )

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    Just wanted to add that when you bring your puppy/dog in from doing their business outdoors, place them in a pan of water and vinegar (apx. 1/4 C. of vinegar) Let them stand in the mixture for a minute or so. GENTLY squeeze off the excess water. (DO NOT RINSE OFF) Then towel dry. This is a natural wash and will kill any bugs or allergen’s on their paws.


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    Levi C

    Hi Orenc26! We are currently having the exact same issue with our King Charles/poodle mix (9 mo old). What ended up being your solution? Did you figure out the cause?

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