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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Diamonds new grain-free dry kibble. I currently feed my dog Wellness Core but it is a little pricey and Diamonds new formula is $15 cheaper for a comparable sized bag. I’ve scoured the internet looking for reviews but haven’t found anything (probably because it’s such a new product). Anyways, I would greatly appreciate any information regarding this food.

    thank you,


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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi jmurphy6 –

    Are you located near a Tractor Supply? Tractor Supply’s store brand 4Health has a new grain-free line of food out that is running $36.99 for 30 lbs. They have a poultry, beef and fish formula – the poultry and beef formulas both contain 28% protein and the fish formula contains 25% protein. The other great thing is this food is manufactured by Ainsworth (not by Diamond like the grain-inclusive line of 4Health). From what I’ve seen the Diamond Grain-Free food is running over $40 for a 28 lb. bag (2 lbs. less than the 4Health) and the formulas only contain 24% protein. Diamond has also been involved in a long string of recalls making many question their level of quality control. So, if you’re trying to cut costs and you’ve got a Tractor Supply nearby I’d highly recommend checking out the new 4Health Grain-Free. If you’re located near a Petsmart another option would be their new Authority Grain-Free – 26% protein and $18.99 for a 15 lb. bag.

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    Thank you very much for your response, it was very helpful! I actually do live new a farmer supply store that carries premium brand dog foods (this is where I saw the diamond gran-free). I went by there just a little while ago and got a sample of the diamond. Their prices are very good and only $21.00 for the medium size 14lb bag. I am a little weary because of the recalls in the past but am hopeful all has been resolved. I’m going to try the sample and see how my dog reacts to it. Hopefully it will be a good fit for him. Thanks again for your reply! Have a good day/

    – Jon

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