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    jakes mom

    I posted a few days ago about my friend whose dog has just been diagnosed with diabetes. Next problem, he’s freaking out at shot time, struggling and trying to bite. Any tips or tricks are appreciated. Best I could come up with was 1. maybe a bit of ice or quick pinch of the skin before the shot, to maybe numb the area before injection and 2. make it a special time with high value treat he only gets at injection time, a bite or 2 of chicken or something. I had a diabetic dog years ago and never had a problem with the shots so didn’t have any tried and true advice for her.

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    Hi Jakes mom, the only thing I can think of is to hide the insulin pen in the middle of ur palm going up ur palm & act normal then when he’s looking else where or chewing on a toy or sleeping, calmly pat him, then just do it very quickly so he just feels a little pick, then quickly hide the insulin pen & act as if nothing has just happened, dont make a big deal when its time for his injection… My daughter just had a baby & she had diabetes the last 2months of her pregnency & she too didn’t want the injection & choose the tablets first but they weren’t working, so doctor said she’ll have to use injection pen & she was surprised, she said she didnt really fell the prick, these new insulin pens are different to the olden days….some dogs make a big fuss, like my rescue boy if he see the nail clipers he runs, hides, snaps at me, so someone must of hurt him when they trimmed his nails… I call him a big sooky baby, so when he’s sleeping at night, I get the nail clippers out hide them under my leg, then start to pat him around his paw then get the 1 nail that always grows & curls then quickly cut it, then he wakes up, jumps off the bed looking down at his paw & I show him, look there’s ur nail, he looks at his paw & realises he still has his paw & I haven’t chopped it off, the big baby…. LOL

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    Hi jakes mom,

    Please find out what type of insulin your friend is using for her dog, u-40 or u-100 and what syringe and needle she is using, IE 1/2 inch x 30 gauge. I would also like to know her routine for giving the injections, at what time, where on the dog’s body, how she does it (fast, slow, talks to him first, gives him a treat before or after, etc)

    Thank you!!!

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    jakes mom

    Didn’t get all the info you asked for, sorry. The insulin is Humulin N, needles are U100. She says she’s tried a couple of different things. First couple of days she just kind of went over to him and did it and it went ok then he got wise to her. She next tried injecting him while he was eating, again, ok for a couple of days then he caught on and started to resist. Now she lets him eat then they just kind of sit and cuddle for a few minutes and she tries to sneak the shot in. Says it’s not going well. She gets the feeling that’s she’s not hurting him, exactly, more like he’s just annoyed with her bothering him. The vet also said he’s got some arthritis so maybe that’s contributing to the general grumpiness. I’ll get back to her and try to get more specifics.
    Susan, I cut my Jake’s nails while he’s asleep, too!
    Thanks for the input so far!

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    Kellye P

    I special order syringes that are 8mm long. Duffy never feels a thing and he is super skinny so it’s tricky to find a new spot for the injection.

    The package says BD Insulin Syringes
    3/10 ml cc
    8 mm

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    jakes mom

    thanks Kellye

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