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    Erika B

    I’ve been doing a lot of research and looking for what is ideal for my 9 week old cane Corso. So far the protein intake does not matter as long as the calcium and phosphates are ideal, is what I found out. My question is if natural balance (all breed, all stages) dog food appropriate for my pup or is it highly recommended to switch to another brand. What brands have an ideal calcium & phosphate?level?

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    Go to the forum below this one, Diet & Health Issues. On top, highlighted in yellow, is a stickie for Large Puppy Nutrition.

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    No Natural Balance is not formulated correctly for a large or giant breed. My top picks for LBP foods are Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy, Precise Holistic Complete Large&Giant Breed Puppy and NutriSource Large Breed Puppy. These are all KNOWN safe LBP foods and they are very good foods.

    Edit: You can also look at this google.doc, but its 2 years old and needs some updating

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    Erika B

    Awesome thank you!

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    Hi Erika,

    Did you happen to take a look at the links I provided to you yesterday over on the review side?

    Here’s the link to the forum thread I suggested you start with: /forums/topic/large-and-giant-breed-puppy-nutrition/ This thread has gotten very long, but there are lots of very helpful posts and links within the first few pages. This will answer the reason why you need to feed a controlled level of calcium to avoid skeletal disorders including hip and elbow dysplasia. You should also avoid over-nutrition (over feeding) which causes undue stress to growing joints and over-exercising for the same reason. You can use the calculator on the review side that you originally posted on to plug in your numbers to make certain that the food you’re looking at is appropriate for your giant breed pup. Your giant breed pup should be fed controlled calcium until he reaches at least 80% of his adult size, which is longer for giant than large breed puppies.

    I know I already shared this too, but to keep everything in one spot, here’s the Google doc with the list of foods with appropriate calcium levels. But, remember I also mentioned that this list is aging and to double check calcium levels before you decide on foods that you like.

    I just wanted to post this real quick, but have to run again!

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    Erika B

    Yes, still researching the best food! Thanks for all the information.

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