Chicken fat for chicken-allergic dogs: yes or no?

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    Rachel M

    My dog is sensitive to poultry, so I try to avoid feeding him poultry in all its many forms. No chicken fat, chicken cartilage, or all-natural chicken flavor. I’ve heard that as long as there is no protein there should be no reaction. Wild Calling claims their chicken fat is clarified and therefore hypoallergenic and safe to feed my dog, but I’m not convinced.

    Do you feed your chicken-allergic dog foods with chicken fat or other non-protein chicken ingredients?

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    If the fat is retrieved properly, there shouldn’t be an issue. But how many dog food companies would even know if their suppliers always do everything properly? DogFoodie has that issue with fish oil. Her dog can’t have fish and reacts to fish oil too. My chicken reactive dog can’t have eggs either. I stay away from all chicken products with him.

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    One of my dogs can’t have chicken or poultry in any form whatsoever including eggs and all fowl. I avoid all foods that contain any poultry whatsoever.

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    Elsa R

    I think the best you can do is to avoid chicken. Why don’t you try with salmon as an option?

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