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    Kristin S

    I’m desperate for help trying to find some good treats and chew bones for my dogs. They are so picky with treats and I’ve had a hard time finding something for them that really lasts. My big guy is 120lbs and my little one is 75lbs so, please no comments from people with cat sized dogs. I really just want to hear from other owners of XLARGE dogs, what do you use? What lasts a long time (a day or more)? Here is my experience so far:
    – Nylabones: last less than an hour (even the Super size)
    – Benebones: dogs don’t like them
    – Bullysticks: last less than an hour
    – Antlers: dogs don’t like them
    – Cow hooves: Not recommended by our vet.
    – Rawhides: definitely not recommended by our vet.
    – Himalayan chews: they liked one brand and not the other. So we’re still testing this.
    – Whimzees: pretty good, especially if I freeze them with yogurt in the back.
    – Stuff kongs: pretty good
    – Marrow bones: last about an hour

    What have I not thought of?? Thanks a lot for the help!

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    daisy p

    so have you resolved this issue???

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