Carbs, protein, and fat…what's important for my senior?

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    Cassy is our faithful old girl, and has been slowing down quite a bit lately. I am clueless as to what ratios of protein/fat/carbs I should be looking for. All that I have been looking at recently is for 4-5 stars and grain free (I’m thinking her dandruff might be from grain, because we switched to GF a month ago and dandruff is diminishing)

    I kinda got that “duh” moment – I need to be thinking more about her protein and carbs, right?

    What amount of protein/fat/carbs do you suggest for a senior Labrador? She is mostly outdoors, so I’m thinking maybe I should go a bit higher on protein? (Just bought her a bag of NutriSource GF to try…realized it’s only 20%. I might try BB wilderness or back to basics next, since they have high protein)

    For now, dry is our only option. I might get into canned eventually, but not right now.

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