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    Many of the companies selling high quality dog food still include carrageenan in the food. Although there is still discussion, there is indication that carrageenan may be carcinogenic or at least inflammatory, which causes other health issues. Have you researched which dog foods do NOT include carrageenan? Instinct and Wellness do not include it, but I would like more variety for my pets.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi georgesmom –

    Because many canned foods – even the high quality brands, as you pointed out – contain carrageenan, you may want to consider using raw, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods instead (freeze-dried and dehydrated foods have consistencies similar to stew-style canned foods when re-hydrated). If you want to stick with canned, some other brands that I know of that don’t include carrageenan: Nature’s Logic, Addiction, Weruva, Mulligan Stew, Earthborn, Hound and Gatos and Wysong.

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    georgesmom, I just wanted to add that some Wellness canned food does include carageenan, but like you said, not all. I know that Wellness Stews do not contain it. TOTW and Blue Stews and Family Favorites also do not have it, if I remember correctly. Simply Nourish does not contain it. I also know that Fromm Gold does not have it, nor does Fromm 4Star canned. A very budget friendly canned that does not contain it is 4Health…only the stew kind. Unfortunately, now all Merrick cans contain it. They used to have some formulas that didn’t.

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    By Nature Organics stews don’t have carrageenan.

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    My new guy has been having intermittent soft poop and I’ve been going crazy trying to find the cause. HK’s Perfect form helps him but when I stop giving it the problem comes back. I tried giving him Wellness LID canned and that didn’t help. I’m now thinking it’s the carrageenan in the food. I rotate different brands canned, raw and freeze dried. So now for some detective work and more trial and error. Has anyone else’s dog had trouble with carrageenan?

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    I have one that I have to get the fiber level just right or she can have those issues.

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    Go! Doesn’t have carrageenan in their canned foods either.

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    M S

    I just bought ‘Wild Calling!’ Brand today. It has no carageenan. It’s 96% salmon, grain free gluten free artificial preservatives free,artificial preservative and colour free. I bought it at Pet Value.

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    Leslie L

    Is there any canned Tripe that does not contain carageenan? I like to add some to my 14 month old Lab’s Acana.

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