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    I was talking with someone at a pet store recently and she was purchasing blue buffalo wilderness canned food and stating that she needed something high protein. I told her that the kibble was higher protein than the canned but she said that she was told not to use kibble food. Does anyone know what she should be using and why not high protein kibble?

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    Raw, canned and dehydrated is better for dogs. Dry food can leave dogs chronically dehydrated.

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    If you compare canned and kibble on a dry matter basis, in other word with all water removed, canned is higher protein than kibble. Kibble must have carbs to keep it’s form, canned doesn’t. Kibble is usually prefered because it is cheaper, not because it is healthier.

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    I have one with Cushings (recent rescue, so I am learning about this).. She was 19.4 lbs and is a long haired chihuahua (she could hardly walk) . We tried the homeopathic meds first but her case is advanced so she is on Vetoryl now and has actually lost quite a bit of weight. Someone told me about Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken Grain Free canned and she has done great on it. The vet recommended Grandma Lucy’s Chicken (freeze dried) but I can’t get her to eat it. The vet told me that the canned is better because it’s not as dehydrating as the dry.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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