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    Cheryl F

    Hello everyone. I bought a box of these treats for my dogs recently as i has some “points” to redeem with petfooddirect.com and they looked to be a good treat for my pooches I havent given any of them out as i saw nowhere on the packaging where they are made. I searched online and to my dismay i saw some recalls for this company for dog food. This did not bode well.

    So i called their customer service center in Norvo, CA. They told me that the jerky comes from India. They have exclusive righs to the beef from their supplier there. That its human grade beef, and its processing is done under the supervision of a vet.

    Has anyone here had any issues with this product, or heard differently? I feeel a little better about the product now, but im still hesitant to feed. I can return it as it was kindof expensive but wanted to check with this group first. Thoughts?

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    I have given my dogs the Canine Cavier bully sticks, but never the jerky. I’ve not heard of any issue with meat from India, but hesitate to feed any store bought jerky anymore. If you are concerned, prob best not to feed.

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    I’ve heard some not so great things about them which disappointed me as i wanted to try some of their treats as they seemed interesting and i was particularly intrigued by their use of buffalo over beef as i personally feel buffalo is a superior protein source to beef. I would not personally trust meat from india, even if it is human grade. But then again i wont feed weruva to my dog because its made in thailand, but some people see no problem in this because its done at a human food processing plant, so if trusting india is a judgement call on your part i say no but someone else might say different.

    One other thing to keep in mind about this company is that i learned evangers does the canning for their canned foods back when i was thinking of using their canned food as a topper for my dog. And like i saw one regular poster here say, “if they dont see the problem with having evangers can their food then i have a problem with that and i dont trust their judgement on any product they make given this”. I mean if these people don’t think doing business with evangers is a problem then where do they draw the line? i personally would return whatever i had from this company asap, but thats just me and i’m very picky and there arent many brands i approve of, so it’s really your call…

    EDIT: one other thing about this company that i saw someone who reviewed their products point out which i felt was a good point. is that they focus their marketing a lot on unsubstantiated claims such as the food is good at fighting cancer instead of focusing on what is actually good about the food and why it’s a superior product. i just think they are shady all the way around and use a lot of clever marketing to sell products instead of focusing on quality…

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