Can someone w/experience advise on my food regimen

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    Windy H

    Hello I’ve been reading lots and sorting thru so much overwhelming information. I’m not a nutritionist nor vet. Just a normal dog owner who wants what’s best for my dogs. Anyway from what I’ve gathered this is how and what I feed my dogs;
    -First I choose a good quality kibble (dog food advisor says Fromms and Carna4 are five star). I chose them for their balance of carbs and protein. Also carna4 gently cooks theirs)
    -Then I dehydrate meat in a small countertop dehydrator. I’ll add a few pieces into the kibble.
    -I make my own bone broth to add to the kibble.
    -I also add a few drops of omega fish oil
    – and finally sprinkle Carna4 supplement & digestive aid over everything. I’ll add blueberries or veggies sometimes. Or sometimes yogurt as a treat later in the day.

    My question; am I overdoing it? Can I hurt them by adding too much protein..? I know it seems like a lot of work but it’s not that bad really. Im trying to avoid feeding them one thing their entire lives. Variety is a good thing.

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