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    Ella R

    Hello Friends, From the Last few days I read so many Nutrition Book. My Question is Can Dog eat Raw Carrot Food 🥕. Can i use Raw carrots as a treat for My Puppy? What Precautions Io i need to take before to feed it?

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    Did you know that large frozen carrots make excellent, edible dog chew treats? As do semi-frozen sweet potatoes or many other large, frozen vegetables. The trick is to make them large enough to prevent choking (don’t use baby carrots), and be sure to wash them before freezing. These healthy, edible goodies are a safe choice compared to poultry bones which can splinter and cause serious damage if ingested.
    (excerpt from) https://www.mspca.org/angell_services/frozen-carrots-as-a-doggie-chew-treat/
    Click on link for full article

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    Reese B

    I give raw carrot pieces to my dog all the time. She loves it! Just like with anything else, don’t over do it. A few pieces here and there are nothing to worry about.

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    Sloane K

    Both raw & cooked carrots are fine for dogs. Chances are the commercial dog treats you feed them are much worse for your dog than the carrots are.

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    Zeke S

    Yep, raw carrots are great! I’m surprised that dogs like them, but carrots are good for them, so I’m glad!

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    Ella r

    YeS, Thank you guys i read full guide here at Can Dog eat Carrots, & from the last 15 days i feed to my dog regularly it. Thanks

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    Spy Car

    Carrots are not beneficial for dogs and will likely pass through undigested.

    If you want a high-quality treat, feed meat.


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    Hi Ella,

    That’s a good question… Carrots are not ideal. While carrots are rich in vitamin A and other nutrients, they should be fed in moderation especially in the raw form as dogs do not digest carrots very well. Some sources are also concerned about the levels of sugar in carrots. There is a simple way to see if your dog can digest carrots. Just feed them in chunks and see if you find carrots in your dog’s bowel movement;


    Wishing you and your puppy many years of happiness together! 🙂

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    Jerry R

    I agree with spy car. My dachshund gets chicken feet or pork tails for a treat. He works at the chicken feet crunching it up for 30 minutes or so then swallows it. Far more nutritional value and cleans his teeth.
    He turns his nose up and walks away from a carrot giving me the look. That’s not meat.

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    Jerry R

    Oh and as far as vitamins…he gets all he needs from lamb liver and other organ meat, turkey and chicken gizzards and hearts. I quit trying feed him veggies. He doesn’t care for them and he doesn’t need them. Most veggies and fruit goes right thru anyway.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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