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    My bulldog is 5weeks pregnant currently on a acana pacifica dog food. She won’t eat that much what king of food can I add to encourage her to eat her ki bless pls help eggs? Potatoes? Pls help

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    When we are pregnant some of us feel sick, she may be feeling sick after eating the Acana Pacifica, try changing the flavour instead of the fish, Is there Duck, something not fishy maybe after she gives birth try the fish again..Make her a meal boil chicken breast & boiled rice or potatoes or some sweet potatoes, Dont add the Acana kibble as if this is making her sick then mixing it will still make her feel sick still.

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    Try ground raw lamb & chicken quarters. The bones from chickie raw she will chew up easily, this will add calcium helping the development of those little skeletons.

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    Dog is not sick just being choosy on her food I’m adding raw beef but I boil the beef 1st before adding it. What else can I add? Boiled egg? Boiled potatoes?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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