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    Kate B

    I have two Cavachons, they both are prone to UTI’s and then get stone as a result. I’m getting so many mixed messages from all of the Vets and ER vets and Internists they’ve had to see.

    They don’t like the prescription diets some of the Vets put them on, and one says Duck is best, one says Turkey is better, one says no Chicken…that fish is best. In the end, one of the little ones cannot tolerate duck or turkey, does great on chicken…

    Any ideas? thanks.

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    Zignature Lamb limited ingredient formula (kibble). What would probably make it go away is ZiwiPeak freeze dried food (tiny soft flat squares), on the expensive side. So you can go thru a bag or two than switch back to kibble. Primal is raw blocks that have to be rehydrated with a bit of water, also very good. You want to significantly decrease the UTI with a cleansing diet for a few months before settling down with a formula of your choice.

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    I would add canned & water to their food (I can’t help about food choices) and it is important that you make sure they have access to water and also ample opportunities to urinate.

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