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    John M

    Hello, love this site, but for some reason, DFA separates out “Best Food for Small Dogs” and then, includes 4 star dog foods. Why is that?
    Wouldn’t small dogs also benefit from the 5 star dog foods listed in other catagories?
    Very disappointing that so few WET dog foods are included in the Small Dog food list.
    Also DFA lists that “……small dogs tend to benefit from food optimized for their higher rate of metabolism… and their smaller physical size.”

    But DFA does not specify what are the criteria for nutritionallly supporting a “higher rate of metabolism”?

    Is it the fat content is higher or lower? (the various dog foods in that list for of dog foods that sold as being “for small dogs” seem to have no consistency between fat content ? or any other ratio, not that i can tell. What IS it you see in those foods that helps make it best “for small dogs”?)
    I would like to know, as i prefer WET foods for dogs but your list has almost all DRY dog foods for small dogs. If i knew what it was you see in the ingredient lists,
    I could open up my options in choosing wet foods for small dogs.

    Is it the calorie count is higher or lower?

    Is it the protein content is higher?

    What exactly in that list of dog foods labelled “small breed” dog foods is the thing DFA is looking for? Is it just the way the dog food is marketted? —Like, If these dog foods did not have bags labelled “for small dogs” would they have still made the list?

    And so far as smaller size goes, wouldn’t feeding smaller amounts more frequently be how to feed a smaller dog?

    I really LIKE the REgular list of “BEst Wet Dog Foods” because that list makes sense. All are 5 star dog foods, that list is consistent from one brand to another, all displaying similar ingredients and attributes.

    I would really like it if anyone could share their knowledge with me on why the DFA’s regular list of “BEST DOG FOODS” would not be good for small dogs?
    THANK YOU to anyone who can teach me
    what it is
    one sees in those bags labelled “for small dogs” that “supports higher metabolism”?

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    John M

    Are some foods labelled “for small dogs” because of the size of the can?

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