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    jane c

    11/2 yr old Standard Poodle has ongoing ear problems. The vet has run out of ideas and says she may have this all her life. I have been feeding a raw mix for over a month but now she won’t eat it and ears have not improved . Using Zimcocker’s ear wash but she screams in pain and I can’t go on like this. Thyroid test was done. I believe that a high quality dry food would not affect her ears but my raw-feeding friends tell me it would. Please help

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    What are you currently feeding?
    Best food for dogs with ear problems are grain-free and starch-free.

    Avoid food with grains, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

    Allergies can also cause ear issues. Try to figure out which food your dog reacts to.

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    jane c

    a raw mix -no potato – chicken OR beef with fruit/veg/eggs/alfafa/kelp etc. but she really does not like it.
    I am considering going back to kibble-Horizon Legacy.
    Maybe because I have to dispose of raw when she leaves it…
    DFA says “10% of allergies are food related”
    so food is not a huge factor in the ear problem?

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    I believe food is a factor in ear problem. Some dogs are allergic to chicken. Does your dog have other issues that might indicate allergies?

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    Jackie B

    There are a few things you can do.

    A hypoallergenic food can help.

    An otic cleanser like Zymox or an ear powder like Thornit (have to special-order from the UK, a poodle rescuer friend says this is the best) are also good things to try.

    You also have the physical attributes of the ear to consider. Dogs have a vertical ear canal, unlike humans, so moisture will fall down into the ear canal after swimming or bathing and is difficult to remove. Keep the ear canal well-plucked, use cotton balls in her ear during bathing to keep out water, and consider shaving her ears. If you can’t bear to shave her whole ears, shave about a 1.5 inch wide strip. A friend of mine with a Standard male does this, and while it looks different it does have kind of a cute pig-tailed look– and the lack of hair helps the ear canal dry out and become less hospitable for bacteria.

    Good luck!

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