Best dry food for weight loss for sr dog (currently on raw diet)?

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    Sheila N

    Hi all – This website was super useful to me when I first got my chi/terrier rescue pup, Lola, nine years ago. I ended up trying a few high quality foods and Lola adapted to the raw diet well (we feed Nature’s variety raw – she gets one small patty in the morning and one at night. She would also get a small handful of dry food – wellness senior healthy weight – around lunch time. Up until now, she has been very healthy with no problems. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, she began limping and holding up her back legs while sitting, and will yelp if we try to touch them. We took her to the vet yesterday who said she has arthritis and needs to lose weight to get pressure off of her joints. She’s 22 lbs at the moment. So we’re going to cut out the midday meal completely, but I was thinking that perhaps I should replace the evening raw patty with a small amount of dry food instead. The vet recommended Hill’s metabolic weight loss (Rx only) but I would love any other suggestions. Wellness core reduced fat seems to be popular – anything else people have used and like? Thanks so much!

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    I have met many people that use whole earth farms weight loss food. It is pretty effective. You really don’t need an expensive rx food for weight loss. It’s all about watching calories. One of my coworkers buys the Royal Canin weight loss prescription diet. Guess what, he literally counts the pieces of kibble his dog gets in a day and the dog hasn’t lost a pound in 2 years while on it. For some reason he still feed it. I guess his vet has him convinced it’s doing some good even though it isn’t and he’s paying out the behind for a small bag of it every couple weeks.
    Natures variety can be very fatty though. So watch for that. It’s a good commercial raw to go with but I’ve seen it put weight on some dogs. How much does you vet want your dog to weigh? Do you feed any kind of treats? What type of exercise does she get? You may just have to cut back. According to nv website if you’re feeding the patties a 20 lbs dog should only be getting one patty a day. If you’re feeding two and some kibble you’re probably over feeding. If you’re feeding the medallions it would be around 8 medallions a day if you were feeding nothing but that so I’m not sure where you could be going wrong if you feed the madallions b

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