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    Laura B

    OK, I’m getting very fed up trying to find a good dog food I can stick with for my pugs. My black pug was on Taste of the Wild for nearly a year and did fine on it, until the last batch we bought somehow gave her diarrhea. I switched her to Blue Buffalo, and immediately her poop solidified – but it gave my new pug diarrhea (and according to other forums, Blue Buffalo changed their formula recently and many dogs are getting sick). I have no idea what to feed my poor dogs at this point. For those of you with pugs, what works best for you?

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    I’ve fed Nutrisource grain free lamb, Pro Pac Ultimate grain free (Bayside Select is medium kibble, the rest are small), Core Wild Game, Nature’s Logic, By Nature, Natural Planet Organics grain free, Natural Planet. These are foods I’ve rotated through the last two years. I usually have two or three bags open to offer a variety. This way they don’t get any upset stomachs if there’s a recipe change. They also get some canned food. And I also feed raw – homemade and some commercial. I foster pugs too and currently they’re eating the first two foods I mentioned. I wouldn’t recommend sticking with one food as companies change the recipes seems like every couple of years. By rotating foods your pugs will enjoy different flavors and have a healthier gut.

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    Priya T

    Royal Canin Pug Adult is best dog food for adult pugs. This food is specially formulated by keeping in mind the nutritional requirement of adult pugs. It is very important to maintain the ideal weight for your pet. Overweight weight can cause many problems. This food meet the specific need for you adult pug.

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    what is it in the RC adult pug food that makes it so good for pugs?

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    The picture of the pug on it, silly!

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    Priya T

    The food contains EPA and DHA, which facilitates to maintain a healthy skin for your dog. It also helps to maintain the muscle tone for your dog. The food is in kibble form, which makes it easy for your pet to pick it up and chew comfortably. Every dog has individual requirements. This food is made to meet the daily requirement for pug adult.

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    Emer C

    Hi Laura,

    Loved to see it wasn’t just me with your post. I’ve a 4 yr old female pug. I had her on Taste of the Wild for over 2yrs and her itch had really settled. Since last summer is was starting to worsen again. She had yeast infections in her nose crease and ears. Colloidal silver cleared the nose brilliantly but ears became a nightmare before Christmas.

    Also before Christmas she wouldn’t eat the bag of Taste of the Wild (Buffalo) She would try but kept spitting it out. I tried a new feed (Wafcol) which was supposed to be great for dogs with sensitives as I reallysuspected her ear problem and itching were linked to her food again.

    Nothing was working, not even the new food so I switched back to a new bag of Taste of the Wild. Within 2 weeks brown gunk was filling her ears big time and poor dog was scratching like crazy (can’t see anything, no redness).

    I treated her with homeopathy and switched her to veg only (sweet potato, carrots, peas and coconut oil). Ears dried up within a few days. Itching is minimal but not gone. Initially the poor dog was drooling for food so I tried lamb and later chicken. She can’t have either. Salmon not as bad and eggs seem ok. But I’m really worried continuing like this long term and not getting the nutrients she needs. My vet said stick with it, she’ll be grand but I’m worried. Would love to hear if anyone else has had similar problems with pugs and their food long term. Thanks

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    With the preface that every pug (and dog) has different requirements and different abilities to digest, a different taste for food. I have fed California Gold Pug Food ( I have an interest in this food) to over 200 rescued pugs ( I was co-founder of San Diego Pug Rescue) and now “commercially” since ’89. The “secret” to this one is that it is a hybrid of home cooked and purchaseable food. You add your own clean, choice, specifically digestible (to the pug in question), protein (meat, chicken or fish) to these formulas: Oats N Veggies, Rice N Veggies, Grain-Free and Vegetarian. I am not a big time manufacturer; each bag of food is handled individually by myself. I have free samples with free shipping for any of the formulas. From what I see and my customers say with some having 14 and even 15 year “young” pugs, something is good here.

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    Hi Bruno- I’m curious to know who is formulating your special pug food. Do they have any type of background in canine nutrition? I’m unaware of any special dietary requirements Pugs have that would require a breed specific food, so could you please explain your idea behind “California Gold Pug Food”? Pugs are small to medium sized dogs that are brachycephalic, with a variety of genetic and health problems they are predisposed to. How does your Pug specific food address those issues?

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    My guess is that it’s just for marketing pitlove, he doesn’t specifically say there is something to address pug issues. If only a certain amount is being made, it’d be smart to market a certain sector of the dog food world, your post doesn’t seem to be necessary

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    I know. Just thought it’d be funny to hear his answers. 🙂

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    Lewis K

    Hi. I’m new to this forum but not new to Pugs. I’m on my third Pug — Marty — a sweet little guy going on 4 months old, purchased from a breeder in San Diego. I didn’t maintain custody of my last Pug who was a rescue in a recent divorce. With the rescue, we had a lot of health issues to work through and landed on Blue Buffalo being the best food for that dog. Although the breeder gave me a jar of Eukaneuba (sp?) puppy food, I charged right ahead with the puppy version of Blue and ended with an 8-week puppy with the runs. With previous Pugs I never experienced any digestive issues when making immediate switches. Now I’m trying to work Blue slowly into his Euk but the soft poop is back. Thoughts?

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    Hi Lewis- Congratulations on your new pup!

    There are many reasons your boy could be experiencing diaherra with Blue Buffalo. Though your other Pugs didn’t have issues with immediate switches this one is a new dog with a different GI tract and he’s also a young puppy. Because stress can cause disgestive upset in young puppies after coming into their new home, it’s advised to continue feeding the same food the breeder had him for a few weeks and then start introducing whichever food you’re interested in feeding.

    I’d suggest going back to the Eukanuba formula for a few more weeks and then trying to add the Blue back- very very slowly. If he is still experiencing digestive upset then it’s time to consider that one of the ingredients in the Blue Buffalo formula does not agree with him.

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    I like Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea (canned and dry), I use the canned as a topper and add a splash of water. I have switched dog foods without problems, but you could half and half (new and old) it for a few days to avoid GI upset. They like the canned turkey stew too. Newman Organics has a nice canned turkey (95%).
    See for prices and delivery options.

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    I hope that your puppies have settled down with their digestion.
    As far as food, I wanted to point out that as long as the pet food is mass produced, contains animal products, recalls will continue. Other ingredients in this processed food can also make a pup sick. None of these foods are healthy.
    Short of cooking your own food from scratch, there is an option with this hybrid/custom
    food California Gold Small Dog Pet Food (I have an interest in this food).
    It is a limited ingredient formula of just oats (or rice) or grain-free with fruits and vegetables. You add your own clean meat.
    Manufactured in small quantities by pug rescuers for pugs, you can get samples at
    Thank you for feeding real food to pugs.

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