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    Nancy M

    After being diagnosed and under treatment for these two horrid conditions, I am taking care of my daughters 6 1/2 week old puppy while she has to work for a couple days. After bring switched off of Diamond puppy to the I/D canned yesterday, he is now refusing to eat the stuff for the last two meals. I tried using the Diamond again, with a very small amount of cottage cheese with it, and he are it all. Not sure that’s a wise thing to do right now, so I’m thinking just a simple homemade chicken and rice is best for now. Any comments? Meds haven’t had a chance to really kick in I would guess, but there’s little progress in the stool situation, although there is no longer any blood, so that’s a good thing.

    Just wanting opinions on whether chicken and rice should be fed, solely, until things really improve.


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    Chicken and rice can be fed as a temporary diet (a few days to a couple weeks) until improvement. “Long term” chicken and rice will need a vitamin/mineral/EFA supplement.

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