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    Caitlin R

    Hey all. My eight(ish) year old terrier/schnauzer mix recently had jaw surgery and I’ve had to transition her from dry food (she was eating Authority grain-free small breed kibble before that) to canned food, and we’ve had a heck of a time with digestion problems. Before all this she NEVER had digestion troubles (even when she gets into things she shouldn’t be eating). My vet isn’t entirely sure what’s causing them now because she’s had so many shocks to her system all at once. For one, she’s taking pain medicine (3 week course) and antibiotics (6 week course), and she’s also had a sudden change in food (from kibble to canned) which I know can also mess up her system. But, I’m having trouble finding a wet food she can tolerate. We’ve tried Wellness Core, Eagle Pack, and Whole Earth Farms. Right now, she throws up everything we try about six hours after she eats it.

    To help, my vet prescribed a round of metronidazole and Hill’s i/d until she’s finished with this new prescription. She’s keeping the i/d down with no problems, and I have enough of the i/d left to transition her to a new food gradually. Do any of you have suggestions for high quality foods that are also highly digestible? The only extra qualification is that it needs to be a ground type food, not a stew or food with chunks.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Try Nutrisca. They have grain free/potato free. Some dogs have trouble digesting potato.
    I like, or rather my dogs like the salmon and chickpea.
    Also, Newman Organics. Or Wysong. Check chewy.com

    Just sharing what products have agreed with my dogs that have issues.
    I have had good luck with quality kibble too, just have to soak it in water overnight, and maybe add a little water…
    I also add a little cooked chicken or lean meat.

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    Is your dog used to changing foods? That sounds like it was most likely a quick change, so some probiotics would probably help quite a bit

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    PS: Some dogs experience nausea due to taking certain antibiotics…..if possible can your vet prescribe a different antibiotic? May be worth asking.

    If the GI symptoms are related to medications the dog has to take, changing the food might not help. But adding water to the food may aid in relieving nausea.

    Adding supplements (more gobbledygook) is not a good idea right now, unless your vet advises differently. Keep it simple.

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    Hi Caitlin-
    You do already have a lot of things going on with your dog. But, if you decide to use a probiotic, you need to give it a few hours after or before you give her the antibiotics because they will just cancel out the benefits of the probiotics anyway. Also you might want to add some plain canned pumpkin to her meals. Many people have success with pumpkin relieving loose stools.

    Two of the three canned foods you mentioned, contain carrageenan. My dogs seem to be sensitive to that ingredient. I usually try to stick to stews to avoid it. But, I do see that you mentioned that your dog can’t chew anything so maybe you could smash it up a bit if they work better for your pup. Hopefully it is just from all the meds she is on and will be back to normal in the next few weeks. Good luck!

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    Do the research before adding supplements, for example: http://skeptvet.com/Blog/?s=probiotics

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    @Red-lol. Uninformed.

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    Hi, is she eating the Hills I/d Low Fat GI Restore or the I/d Gastrointestinal Health wet tin food, the fat % in the I/d Low Fat GI Restore wet is only 8.5% fat that has been converted to dry matter (Kibble) so its around 1.70% fat wet tin food, if she’s eating the I/d Gastrointestinal health it’s 14.3% fat so its about 3-4% fat wet tin food, confused?? lol Hills vet diets convert their wet & dry vet diets to dry matter (Kibble) so you need to find a wet tin food where the fat is under 4% if she’s eating the I/d Gastro…. if she’s eating the I/d low fat GI Restore you need to look for a wet tin food that’s 2% & under in fat… or do what I’ve been doing I cook a extra lean beef mince or the Turkey Breast 99% fat free mince.. or I soak Patches low fat kibble in water till its soft then I drain water very well & put soft kibble thru blender (mini processor) it comes like wet tin food & its low in fat…

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    susan h

    My 15-year-old does pretty well tho she occasionally seems to want something bland. I give her Dave’s Delicate Dinners (chicken and rice), which is canned and not chunky. She almost always likes that. Dave’s Pet Foods also makes several varieties of 95% meat food, which I’m using to narrow ingredients while she is recovering from yeast dermatitis. Good luck!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi Caitlin R:
    Maybe leaving your pup on Hill’s for a few weeks or more will help give her system a rest if it’s working for her.

    Check out Weruva Human Style & Dogs in the Kitchen or Tiki Dog chicken or sardine recipes. Weruva Human Style and Tiki Dog are not pate’s, the meat is shredded, but they might be options to look into. I feed both of these brands and the meat is very tender. Each site has pictures of the food. Weruva’s Dogs in the Kitchen are more of a pate, but the meat is still recognizable and tender as well. Weruva’s site also breaks down each Human Style recipe into calories and metabolizable energy (ME), as fed, dry matter basis, and mineral content per 100 kcal if there is a specific requirement you need to address; just click the nutrition chart link on each recipes page.

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